Frequency Based Discounts

Frequency Based Discounts allow you to incentivize clients to book more services by offering discounts automatically when a certain number of that service is scheduled within a given time frame. 

For example, imagine 'Dog Sitting - 30 Minutes' which is normally charged at $25. With Frequency Discounts, you can automatically charge $24/visit when 2-3 of these visits are booked per week, $23/visit when 4-5 are booked, and $22/visit when 6 or more are booked within a week.

Configuring Frequency Discounts

  1. Navigate to Services.
  2. Create a new Service or edit an existing service.
  3. Click on the 'Frequency Discounts' tab.   

    Frequency Based Discounts - Frequency Discounts tab

  4. Change "Frequency Period" to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly to enable Frequency Based Discounts. Daily relates to a certain number of visits scheduled per day, weekly relates to a certain number of visits scheduled per week, and monthly relates to a certain number of visits per month.

Each service can have one frequency period (it isn't possible to offer weekly and monthly frequency discounts on the same service) and define up to 4 levels of Frequency Discount.

Once you have enabled Frequency Discounts, it's time to set up your levels. To start, click the Checkbox next to 1st Level to enable it: 

Frequency Based Discounts - Set 1st Level

Set the number of visits that this level applies to (for example, in the screenshot above, as soon as you schedule two or more of this service in one day, the new rate will kick in) and the amount that your Client will be charged for each visit. You can also optionally override the amount you pay Staff for visits that have a Frequency Based discount applied at this level.

Here is a screenshot of the original example completely setup:

Frequency Based Discounts - Sample Level Set ups

Important Considerations

  • Frequency Discounts override any custom rates you have set for the Client and that service.
  • Frequency Based Discounts will not retroactively adjust already scheduled services when first set up. Only services that are edited after Frequency Based Discounts are set up will be affected.
  • If you override the Staff Pay Rate for Frequency Based Discounts, this will override any custom pay rates configured for that Staff and service.
  • Weekly based discounts are applied for a week, from Sunday - Saturday. It is not currently possible to adjust the start and end days of the week.

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