Cancelling Events

When a client no longer needs scheduled services, it is typically recommended that you cancel the event rather than delete the event. This ensures the event history can be easily accessed and any financial records tied to the event will not be affected. To change an event's status to "Canceled", follow these steps:

Note: This article covers the instructions for canceling a single event at a time. You can cancel multiple events at a time using our Bulk Update or Bulk Edit tools.

Cancelling Events

From the Scheduler, click on the event you want to cancel. Then, click "Edit Event" in the pop-up that appears:

scheduler screen with event pop up window open and arrow pointing to edit event button

Just below the service order is the event details section. To cancel the event, change the "Status" option to "Canceled" then click "Save Changes". 

event details screen with red box around status option

You will then be prompted to choose a cancellation fee to charge the client for this event. By default, the Automatic Cancellation Fee you have configured in your Invoice Settings will be applied (Read more about Automatic Cancellation Fees here). You can override that default by making a different selection in the "Action" menu. 

cancelation fee selection window

When you click "Confirm", the event status will be changed to "Canceled" and the cancellation fee you selected will be applied to the invoice.

How Cancelled Events Appear In Time To Pet

In Time To Pet, you can still see canceled events almost everywhere they appeared before being cancelled. However, they will appear differently to indicate at a glance that they are cancelled events. For example:

On the Service Order, the event will be "greyed out".

service order screen with arrow pointing to greyed out canceled event

On the Invoice, a note will be added to the description that it's been canceled.

invoice screen with arrow pointing to canceled note

On the Scheduler, the event will turn grey.

scheduler with arrow pointer to grey canceled event

Note: You can hide canceled events on the scheduler by ticking the "Hide Canceled?" box in the Scheduler filters.

scheduler screen with filters menu expanded and arrow pointing to hide cancelled checkbox

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