How To Issue A Refund

Time To Pet has built-in support for recording and issuing refunds for payments received from your Clients. A refund can be issued from the Payment edit screen.

Open The Payment Edit Screen

There are two ways to open the Payment Edit screen.

1. From The Client's Balance Sheet

To refund a payment from the client's balance sheet, first open up the Balance Sheet. You can do this by clicking "view" next to balance just below your client's name in their client profile.

Issue a Refund - Client Balance Sheet

You can then click the "Edit" button on the payment you would like to refund. You may need to change which items are listed in the "Showing" box:

Issue a Refund - Click Edit To the Right of the payment

2. From The Invoice Edit Screen

To open the payment edit screen first open up the "Edit Invoice" page for the Invoice the payment is currently applied to. You can see all payments applied to the Invoice on the bottom of the screen. Click the "Edit" link next to the payment you would like to refund.

Issue a Refund - Click Edit to the right of payment on Invoice

Refund The Payment

Now that we have the Payment Edit screen open we can begin to process the Refund. To start, click the "Refund Payment" button in the bottom left corner of your screen:

Issue a Refund - Click Red Refund Button on Payment

If this payment was charged to the Client's credit card via Time To Pet Payments or WePay, the refund screen will refund the payment directly to the client's card or bank account. (Note: all credit card processing fees are only returned on full refunds.)

Issue a Refund - Option for WePay or Time To Pet Payments

If instead this payment was manually recorded no money will be processed during this process, we are simply recording that a refund was already given outside of Time To Pet:

Issue a Refund - Manual Payment Screen

Enter the amount to Refund, the date (if this is a non-credit card payment), a reason for the refund and click the "Refund Payment" button.

Issuing A Partial Refund

To issue a partial refund, the payment you are refunding needs to have an open payment amount greater than or equal to the amount of the refund. If there isn’t already an open payment available for your partial refund, you’ll need to make adjustments to the invoice the payment is applied to or the payment itself to create one. There are a number of different ways to create an open payment, and the method that will work best for your particular refund will depend on the reason for the refund. Please view our article on Best Practices For Issuing A Refund.

Refunding WePay Payments More Than 60 Days Old

WePay refunds through Time To Pet can only be made for payments less than 60 days old. If you are trying to refund a WePay payment that is more than 60 days old, you can contact WePay Support to see if they can issue the refund for you.

If WePay is able to refund the payment for you or if you refund the client by another method, you can then record the refund in TTP by editing the payment and changing the "Amount Received" to reflect the amount that was refunded and add a note about the refund. 

A Special Note For Customers Connected To Quickbooks Online

If your Time To Pet account is linked to Quickbooks Online, a refund in Time To Pet will be synced to Quickbooks Online as a Refund Receipt. Refund Receipts in Quickbooks Online will not close out the open payment as they do in Time To Pet. We, therefore, have to create a new Invoice in your Quickbooks Online account for the amount of the refund. This Invoice will be applied to the refunded payment to close out the remaining balance.

This is not ideal but it is the officially documented way to do so. This often catches people off guard when they see the additional Invoice in Quickbooks Online and not Time To Pet. Here is the documentation on the process:

A Special Note For Customers Refunding A Payment Outside Of Time To Pet

If you are issuing a refund outside of Time To Pet for a payment that was made through Time To Pet (WePay or Time To Pet Payments) you will need to adjust the Amount Received on that payment to properly track the refund inside of Time To Pet and adjust the client's balance. First, make sure the invoice the payment was applied to has been properly adjusted. If you need more help on how to adjust an invoice, follow these steps first: Best Practices For Issuing A Refund.

Adjusting The Amount Received
Once you have clicked Edit next to the payment on the client's Balance Sheet, the next screen you see will be the Payments screen.

Payment Screen
Here we will adjust the "Amount Received" box. Adjusting the "Amount Received" removes the payment from the client's account or lowers the amount of the payment on their account if making a partial refund. The Amount Remaining will be how much is left on their account. If making a full refund, this should be $0.00. If making a partial refund this amount should be the amount that needs to be left on the client's account. Click "Save Changes": 

Adjusting Amount Received

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