Charging A Client

Check out this video from our Onboarding Team on Charging A Client!

Note: You must have  Credit Card Processing enabled to charge a client. You can also charge multiple clients at once using  Bulk Invoicing.

Charging A Client

  1. Navigate to the client’s profile page.
  2. Using the "Quick Actions" menu, select the “Charge Client” option. 

    Quick Actions Menu - Charge Client option circled

  3. You will be taken to a new page with three tabs. PaymentPayment History, and Payment Methods. The "Payment" tab allows you to charge a new or existing card for this client against any unpaid invoices.
  4. The list of invoices allows you to specify which invoices you want to charge and how much of the charge you want to be applied to each invoice. Check the box on the left of each invoice you want to charge. By default, the amount to pay will be pre-populated with the remaining balance of each invoice.
  5. When ready, click the “Proceed To Payment Details” button. 

    Select invoice and Amount

  6. In the "Payment Methods" dropdown, you can select which of the client's credit cards or bank accounts to use for the payment or select "Use New Card" to add a new credit card. 

  7. When ready, click the “Submit Payment of XXX” button. Once you click this button, the card will be charged instantly. 

    Select Payment Method - Click Submit Payment

Note: Even if you are applying the payment to multiple invoices, we will still only charge the customer’s card once. Time To Pet will remember how much of that one charge was applied to each invoice.

Managing Client Credit Cards And Bank Accounts

You can add a credit card for a client without needing to charge it first.

  1. Navigate to the client’s profile page.
  2. Using the "Quick Actions" menu, select the “Charge Client” option. 

    Quick Actions - Charge Customer

  3. On the "Charge Client Page", click the "Payment Methods" tab.
  4. Use the form to enter the Credit Card details. Click the “Add Card For Client” button. 

    Credit Card Details Form

Removing A Card For A Client

You can also remove any of the credit cards or bank accounts on file for a client:

  1. From the "Payment Methods" tab, scroll down, and using the dropdown of existing credit cards or the dropdown of existing bank accounts, select the one you wish to delete.
  2. Click the “Delete Card” or “Delete Bank” button. 

    Charge Client - add payment method form with listed payment methods and an arrow pointing to the delete button

  3. The card or bank account will be removed from the client’s file.

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