Best Practices For Grandfathering Rates for Existing Clients When Raising Rates For New Clients

The Bulk Rate Tool allows you to set custom rates for clients in bulk. Common uses for this tool are when you want to grandfather your existing clients in at their current prices when raising rates for new clients or when you want to do a small rate increase for existing clients when doing a larger rate increase for new clients.

In this example, the current rate for both Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is $20, and we’ll be raising both to $25 for new clients, while for existing clients, the Dog Walking rate will not increase, and the Pet Sitting rate will increase by only $2.

To make it easy to see which accounts belong to new or existing clients, we have a sample client named “Existing Client”, and later we’ll be creating another sample client named “New Client”.

As you can see, Existing Client’s rates are currently at the $20 default rates for each service.

If you were to change the default rates in the Main Services List to the rates for new clients right now, it would also change Existing Client’s rates to the new rates. So before making those rate changes for new clients, you need to set custom rates for all existing clients using the Bulk Rate tool in Advanced Settings - Bulk Custom Client Rates. To keep the Dog Walking rate the same, click the “Set” button without making any changes to the “New Cost”, and to increase the Pet Sitting rate by $2, enter $22 as the “New Cost” and then click the “Set” button.

Now when you look at Existing Client’s rates, the rate for Dog Walking has stayed at $20, the rate for Pet Sitting has increased to $22, and there’s a “Use Default” option next to both rates which means that Existing Client’s rates are custom rates and will no longer be affected by changes to the default rates of the services in the Main Services List.

Next, to set the new rates for new clients, go to the Main Services List and update the default rate for each service to the new rate.

If you go back to Existing Client’s account now, you see their rates are unchanged.

Now you can create a new client account.

And as you can see, New Client’s rates are at the new $25 default service rates.

Most pet sitters don’t grandfather their existing client’s rates forever. If later on you want to end the grandfathered rates for existing clients and have them start paying the same rates as new clients, you can go back to Settings -> Service Rates, and click the “Remove All Customizations” button for each service.

Now when you look at Existing Client’s rates, they’re at the new $25 default service rates.

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