Bulk Updating Service Rates

In Time To Pet, it is possible to customize the rate that a client pays for a specific service. You can also customize the rate of a specific service for all of your clients (or a subset) with our Service Rate tool.

This tool essentially automates the process of going into each individual client's profile and making the cost adjustment client by client and service by service.

Updating a Service Rate For All Clients

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Service Rates.
  2. Find the Service you wish to update (only enabled services are listed).
  3. Change the rate using the input and then click the "Set" button.

The most common reason for customizing a rate for all clients at one time is to grandfather your current clients into a specific rate. 

For example, consider "Dog Sitting - 30 Minutes" which costs $30. If you were to edit the Service and adjust the cost to be $32, all of your existing clients would now also pay $32 as well. By first customizing the rate for all clients using this Service Rate tool, editing the service and adjusting the cost would only affect future clients.

Remove All Customizations

You can also use this tool to remove any customizations made for a particular service for all clients. By removing any customizations, you are ensuring that all clients will pay the default cost set on the Service.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Service Rates.
  2. Find the Service you wish to update (only enabled services are listed).
  3. Click the "Remove All Customizations" button.

Limiting Bulk Rate Adjustments to a Subset of Clients

By default, the Service Rate Tool will apply any changes you make to all clients in your account. It is however possible to only apply any changes made to a subset of Clients.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Service Rates.
  2. Click the "Filter Clients For Rate Adjustments" button 

  3. This will present you with a list of Filters (these are the same filters that are available in Reporting - Clients)

  4. Add as many filters as you need. You can review which Clients will be included in the adjustments by clicking the "View Clients Included" button. 

  5. Any adjustments made to service rates will now only be applied to these filtered clients as opposed to your entire Client list.

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