Adding Custom Rates For A Client

If you have a client who receives a different rate from other clients for certain services, you can create custom rates directly from your client's profile page.

Note: Once a custom service rate has been set for a client, any future adjustments to the default service rate will no longer apply to the client.

From the client's profile, click on the "Rates" tab to set your custom rates:

screenshot of client profile rates tab with red arrow pointed to current rate column

Time To Pet will use these custom rates when events are scheduled for this client in the future, and the rates set here are what the client will see when they login to the portal to request services if you have "Show Prices In Portal?" enabled in Settings > Client Settings > Portal Settings.

Note: Existing invoices will not be affected when you change a client's custom rates. If you need to update existing invoices to reflect the new custom rate, you can use the Bulk Update tool to Bulk Refresh Rates.

To view a complete list of your company's services and the rates you are currently charging each of your clients for them, you will want to navigate to Settings > Advanced > Bulk Custom Client Rates. Normally, you would use this tool to set up or remove custom rates for your clients in bulk, but you can also download a full report of your service rates by clicking the "Download Full Service Rate List" button.

screenshot of bulk custom client rates tab with box around download full service rate list button

Once you click the download button, a CSV file will be downloaded to your device.

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