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You may find yourself sending the same messages to your clients on more than one occasion. To save time when communicating with clients, Saved Replies allows you to create and edit custom messages that can be automatically populated into the client conversation feed. You can adjust the formatting of the text, add images, and embed links when creating a Saved Reply. 

Note: Saved Replies are only available to Office Managers and Admins. Saved Replies are not currently available from the Time To Pet App.

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Creating And Personalizing Saved Replies

Saved Replies - Settings

You can personalize or create new Saved Replies right from your Company Settings.

To add a new Saved Reply, click the "Add New Saved Reply" button.

Saved Replies section - Add New Saved Reply button

Be sure to add a title to your Saved Reply. You can also use the text editor found at the top of the screen to add formatting to your Saved Reply.

Adding Saved Replies To The Conversation Feed

To add a Saved Reply to a client's message, you can do this right from their Conversation Feed. Each Saved Reply you create will populate after clicking the floppy disk icon in a client message. You can also create new Saved Replies from client messaging. 

Saved Replies - Add to client conversation feed

Saved Replies - added to client conversation feed

Creating New Saved Replies In The Conversation Feed

New Saved Replies can be created by selecting "Add New Saved Reply" from the Saved Reply list. Simply type your new reply and click "Add Saved Reply" to add it to your list.

Saved Replies - Click + Add New Saved Reply in a client's conversation feed

Saved Replies - Adding Saved Reply in client's conversation feed

Using Saved Replies With Private Messaging

Saved Replies are also available in Private Messaging and will populate in the same way as in the normal Conversation Feed.

Saved Replies - Private Messaging

Edit Or Delete A Saved Reply

To edit or delete a Saved Reply, navigate to Saved Replies and click on the reply you want to edit or delete. To edit, change the body of the message and click the blue "Save Changes" button. To delete a saved reply, click on the reply you want to delete, and click the red "Delete" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

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