Adding A Pet To A Client

Your client profiles aren't technically complete without adding their pets! Clients can add their pets through the Client Portal and the Mobile App, but you may want to add a pet on a client's behalf when getting them all set up. To do this, you'll want to access the "Pets" tab on the client's profile from your Dashboard. 

From here, you can select the "+New Pet" button to add the client's pet. 

Client profile with arrow pointing to the "+ New Pet" button

You will see a new "Edit Pet" window to enter the pet's details. You can edit any of these fields in your Company Settings in the Pet Fields section. 

Image of the "Edit Pet" window

Image of the "Edit Pet" window and "Save Pet" button at the bottom of the screen

Type the pet's information and click the "Save Pet" button at the bottom of the screen. You'll be able to add all relevant info including a photo of the pet. 

Image of client's profile under the "Pets" tab with an arrow pointing to the "Edit" button

Once you've done this, you can also edit the client's pets at any time. 

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