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For many pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses, it is required that their clients keep their pets up-to-date on all of their vaccinations. Time To Pet can help you track vaccinations and their due dates and run vaccination reports to see what pets are missing vaccinations, which vaccinations are past due, and which have upcoming due dates. Time To Pet also supports optional features that allow pet parents to upload their own vaccination records and the ability to block pet parents from requesting services if their pets are past due on their required vaccinations. Check out our article on Allowing Clients to Manage Vaccinations for more info on these features.

Check out a short video from our Onboarding Team on the Vaccinations Settings section!

Creating Vaccinations & Vaccination Settings

First, let's review how to create new vaccinations for your company and review some Vaccination Settings. Your master list of vaccinations can be found in the "Vaccinations" tab in Client Settings.

client settings vaccinations screen

There are two Vaccination Settings options. First is the Send Vaccination Reminder Email. When enabled, Time To Pet can send your admin team a reminder email for pet vaccinations that are past due, due, or upcoming. This can be set to Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Next is a tool that allows your clients to manage their own vaccinations. This feature allows your pet parents to upload their vaccination records via the Client App or the Client Portal. Please review the section on Allowing Clients to Manage Vaccinations for more details.

Note: Time To Pet supports the ability for you to block the pet parents' ability to request services if their pet vaccinations are past due. To learn more about this feature, please review our Portal Settings help article.

Let's now review how to add a new vaccination to your account. To add a new vaccination, simply click the "Add Vaccination Type" button.

add vaccination screen with vaccination name field add to new pets field and add to existing pets field

When creating a new Vaccination, you can choose whether that Vaccination is automatically added to new pets that are created and set as required. You can also choose whether the Vaccination is added to existing pets and set as required. If this is added to existing pets, Time To Pet will set the Vaccination due date as today.

Time To Pet will show you a list of the vaccinations you have added, and you can edit or delete any vaccinations from this section.

vaccinations screen with list of vaccines

Adding Vaccinations To Pet Profile

After creating the vaccinations you will be tracking, let's navigate to a pet profile. This can be found in the "Pets" tab of any client profile. Each pet will have a "Vaccinations" tab listed just below its name.

pet profile screen with vaccinations tab selected

To add a new vaccination to a pet, click the "Add Vaccination" button. Time To Pet will allow you to select from the list of vaccinations you have created and set an expiration date for that vaccination.

pet profile with vaccinations tab selected and add vaccine info showing

Note: You can also create a brand new vaccination to track by using the "Quick Create Vaccination" button.

quick create vaccination type window

After adding all of the vaccinations to a pet profile, you will see them in a list format with the vaccination name, the due date, and a countdown showing you how many days til that vaccine is due. Vaccines that are past due or due today will show up in redvaccines that are due within the next 30 days will show up in orange, and vaccines that are due more than 30 days in the future will not be highlighted.

pet profile vaccinations tab showing list of vaccines colored by due date

You can click the "+" symbol next to any vaccine to see more details.

vaccine details screen

From here, you can change the expiration date of the vaccine or upload records (like a vaccination report from this client's vet). Time To Pet will track the complete history of this vaccine.

Vaccinations can also be added to Pet Profiles in Bulk from the Client Settings. 

Vaccination types with bulk action button

Adding Records From Conversation Feed Attachment

If your client has included their vaccination records as an attachment to a message sent via their conversation feed from their client portal, Time To Pet makes it easy to save this attachment to the vaccinations section.

When viewing a message with an attachment in the conversation feed, Time To Pet will show you a "copy" icon to the far right. This can be clicked to save this attachment.

Pet vaccination document in conversation feed message with arrow pointing to copy icon

The attachment can be saved to two separate places in Time To Pet. First, you can save this as a client document in the "Docs" section of the client profile.

Pet Vaccinations -

You can also choose to copy the attachment directly to the pet vaccination records section. Time To Pet will ask you to choose a pet and the vaccinations that are included in the vaccination report.

Pet Vaccinations - options shown to copy directly to vaccination on pet profile

After clicking the "Copy Attachment" button - Time To Pet will automatically save this as a new record associated with that vaccination.

Allowing Clients To Manage Vaccinations

Time To Pet supports the ability for your pet parent clients to upload vaccination records directly to their pet's profiles. When enabled, your admin team has the ability to review and approve all vaccinations and vaccination records your pet parent clients have added. If you would like to allow pet parents to manage their own vaccinations, first enable this feature found in Client Settings > Vaccinations.

vaccination settings screen

When enabled, your pet parents now have the ability to view the "Vaccinations" tab on their pet profile. This can be done directly from the Client Portal or the Client App.

Note: Pet parents can only manage vaccinations that have been added to a pet profile already.

If you allow Pet Parents to manage their own vaccinations, you can also require Pet Vaccinations to be up-to-date before pet parents can request services. This can be enabled in Client Settings > Portal Settings, and you can learn more about this feature here.

Allowing Clients to Manage Vaccinations in the Client Portal

Your clients can navigate to the "Pets" tab of the client portal to see all of their pet details. Clients can view all required vaccinations in the "Vaccinations" tab of a pet profile.

pet profile with vaccinations tab selected

Pet parents can upload their vaccination records directly from this screen.

pet profile vaccinations tab vaccination upload screen

When uploading a Vaccination Record, your pet parent is required to set the expiration date of the Vaccination. After uploading the Vaccination Record, your admin team will be able to review and approve the Vaccination update.

pet profile vaccinations tab confirmation that vaccinations were uploaded

Allowing Clients to Manage Vaccinations in the Client App

Your clients can navigate to the "Pets" tab of the client app to see all of their pet details. Clients can view all required vaccinations in the "Vaccinations" tab of a pet profile. After clicking the "+" icon on any vaccination, pet parents can upload their vaccination records directly from this screen.

client app pet vaccinations screen

After clicking "Upload Vaccination Record" - your pet parent can upload a document, a picture, or take a picture of their vaccination records and upload the file.

client app vaccinations screen with upload file upload photo take photo options

After selecting the file, your pet parent client will need to add the Vaccination Expiration date and upload the records.

client app vaccinations screen showing uploaded documents and asking for expiration date

Your pet parent will then be notified that the records have been successfully uploaded and are awaiting review by your admin team.

client app vaccinations screen showing confirmation that vaccination records were uploaded

Reviewing and Approving Vaccination Records Uploaded by Client

After your pet parents have uploaded new Vaccination Records, your admin team can review and approve these. There are two places you can do so. First is the Approvals > Pets section.

approvals screen with pets tab selected

The second area is directly on a Client Profile.

client profile showing vaccination approval requests underneath client profile header

You can click on the attachment to review the records and can then Approve or Decline the Vaccination.

Keeping Track Of Vaccinations

Time To Pet supports several notifications and reports related to vaccination records. First is the Vaccination Reminder Email report.

Vaccination Reminder Email

You can enable a daily, weekly, or monthly vaccination reminder email in Pet Settings under the "Vaccinations" tab.

Pet Vaccinations - Reminder Email

Vaccination Reminder Notifications

Time To Pet will also notify you if a pet has a past due vaccination or a vaccination due within the next 30 days when viewing their client profile.

Pet Vaccinations - Notification on pet profile

You will also see a notification when viewing a service order for the client on the Scheduler.

Pet Vaccinations - Vaccination Past Due warning on Service Order

And lastly, you will see a notification when a client has pending events.

Pet Vaccinations - Past Due Vaccination warning on Pending Events

Vaccination Reporting

Time To Pet provides robust reporting related to vaccinations in the "Vaccinations" tab of the Pet List. Reports can be run to see a list of all vaccinations for all pets. You can filter this by expiration date, vaccination type, and you can sort the list by each column.

Pet Vaccinations - Reporting

You can also view reports for pets with missing vaccinations. This can also be filtered by vaccination type and sorted by column.

Pet Vaccinations - Pets with missing vaccines reporting

Deleting And Removing Vaccinations In Bulk

If a vaccine is accidentally added to all pets, it can be removed from all pet profiles in bulk. If a vaccine type is accidentally added, a vaccine type can be deleted from the list of vaccines. Please note that these actions are not reversible. 

Vaccines can be removed or deleted by navigating to the "Vaccinations" tab in Client Settings

To remove or delete a vaccine, click "Delete" next to that vaccine in the list. 

Pet Vaccinations - Delete button

The following options will appear: 

Pet Vaccinations - Vaccine Delete Options

Then, click directly on the option needed and click the red button to complete the option: 

Pet Vaccinations - Vaccine Delete Options - Remove Button

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who gets the pet vaccination reminder email?

Currently, only admin and office managers will get this email.

Q: What if my company does not require vaccinations?

Vaccination notifications are only shown if vaccinations have been created and added to a pet profile. The vaccination reminder email will only be sent if enabled in Pet Settings.

Q: Can I send vaccination reminder emails to clients?

We do not currently support automated reminders, but you can view reports for pets that have vaccinations set to expire soon and create a Saved Reply to quickly contact these customers.

Q: Can clients update vaccination records themselves?

Because vaccinations are so important and require actual verification of vaccine records, clients can not update this information themselves.

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