Best Practices For Customizing Your Default Messaging

You can customize many of the default messages that are sent to or shown to clients in Company Settings -> Messaging. These are our best practice tips for customizing each of those messages.

Client Services Confirmation Email

This email is sent to clients automatically after you process a service request for them and can also be manually sent for any service order. When sent after processing a request, it will include a list of all services the client requested and state whether each service was approved or marked as unavailable.

Because this email may sometimes include services that were marked as unavailable, make sure your default message does not state that services were approved to avoid confusion.

Many companies also find it useful to include a brief statement of their cancellation policy or reminders of what clients need to do before service begins in this email.

Client Welcome Email

This is email is sent to new clients when you add them to Time To Pet. It includes their One-Time Activation Link (which your clients will click to activate their client account).

You’ll likely have steps you want clients to take after logging into their account for the first time such as filling out their profile, adding their pets, or adding a credit card. Including a numbered list of these steps in this email can help make it clear to clients what you want them to do.

If you want to encourage your clients to use the Time To Pet mobile app, you can also include the link to download the app in this email.

Apple Store for iPhone:

Google Play for Android:

Client Invoice Message

This is the message that is sent with invoices when you email them to clients. In this message, it can be helpful to clients to include what types of payment methods you accept and what happens on or after the due date (for example will you charge the clients card on file, add a late fee, etc.)

Client Change Request Processed Email

This email is sent after a change or cancellation request is processed for a client if you have your settings configured for clients to make change/cancellation requests against specific visits. Like the services confirmation email, this email will include a list of both approved and rejected cancellations and changes, so make sure your default message does not state that changes were approved.

Client Creates Own Account

If you have your settings configured to allow clients to create their own accounts, this is the message that is shown to them on their screen after they fill out your new client form. In this message, you should let the client know what happens next which will depend on whether your settings are configured for new accounts to be manually or automatically approved. If you have it set for manual approval, you should let the client know that you’ll review their submission and contact them soon about their account request.

If you have accounts set to auto approve, you should let the client know to check their email for their temporary password and login instructions.

Cancel Request Cut Off & Service Request Cut Off

If you have a service request limit, change request limit, or cancellation request limit set in Client Settings -> Portal Settings, these are the messages that will be displayed to a client if they try to make a request after that limit has passed. In this message, it’s a good idea to include instructions on what clients should do if they want to make a request past this limit.

Service Request Form

This is the message that is displayed above the service request form in the client portal. Here, you may want to include information on how soon the can expect a response about their request or what information you want them to include in the notes of their request.

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