How To Apply Open Payments

There are three ways to apply an open payment to a client's invoice.

Note: Keep in mind that you will only see these options if a client has an open payment and an open invoice on their account. 

First - You can open the Edit Invoice screen and click "Add Payment". Time To Pet will prompt you to add the open payment first:

screenshot of add payment pop up from the edit invoice screen with a red arrow pointing at the apply open payment button

Second - You can also load the invoice on the Scheduler. Time To Pet will prompt you to add the open payment here as well.

screenshot of invoice loaded on the scheduler with a red circle around the open payment payment message prompt

Lastly - you can do this from Invoicing > Bulk Invoicing. Just look for the "Apply Open Payments" tab:

screenshot of apply open payments tab in bulk invoicing with a red arrow pointing at it

Open Payments are automatically applied to client invoices before clients are charged if the company is using our Automatic Charging feature. Click here to learn more about Auto Charging: Automatic Charging

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