Best Practices For Cancelling Pre-paid Visits (Open Payments)

In Time To Pet, when you cancel visits that have already been paid for and don’t fully charge for the cancellation, the remaining amount from the client’s original payment becomes an “Open Payment”. An open payment is similar to a credit and can be applied to another open invoice for that client. But it’s important to note that an open payment is not the same as a credit in Time To Pet; the client’s credit balance will not be affected by an open payment, and there is no need to manually adjust the client’s credit balance to reflect the open payment. Time To Pet manages the creation of an Open Payment automatically for you.

If the client doesn’t have any other open invoices at the time of the cancellation, you’ll need to wait until the next time services are scheduled to apply the open payment. Until then, the open payment will stay on the client’s account, and you’ll see that the client has a negative balance.

When new services are scheduled for the client, you’ll be prompted to apply the open payment in the service order on the Scheduler.

If the client does have an open invoice at the time of the cancellation, you can apply the open payment to it by opening the Edit Invoice screen and clicking the “Add Payment” button. At the top of the Add Payment screen, click the link to open a new window and apply the open payment.

Open payments can also be applied to multiple invoices at once in Bulk Invoicing. If there are clients with open invoices who have open payments available, you’ll see a number next to the “Open Payments” tab in Bulk Invoicing. To apply the open payments, select the invoices you want to apply the open payments to and then click the “Apply Open Payments To Invoices” button.

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