Deleted Event History

Note: Deleting events is a permanent action and Time To Pet Support is not able to restore deleted events. The following instructions will give details on how to find data on the deleted events so they can be manually rescheduled. Please use caution when deleting events.

Deleting an event permanently removes it from the Schedule and the client's invoice, basically making it as if the event was never scheduled. However, you can view a record of all deleted events by clicking on the "Deleted Event History" button on the bottom left of the Scheduler.

Image of the bottom of the scheduler with an arrow pointing to the deleted event history button

The Deleted Event History will list the details of each deleted event including when it was deleted, when it was scheduled, the scheduled client, the primary service, and the assigned staff member. You can use the filter at the top of the screen to search for events that were deleted or scheduled on a specific date.

Deleted event history list with an arrow pointing to the filter dropdown menu

Clicking on "Full History" on any deleted event will show the history of all changes made to that event and who made them, including who deleted the event.

Image of deleted event history list with an arrow pointing to the full history button

Full history details of a deleted event

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