View Service Order History

Sometimes there is a situation where a scheduled event was changed. The change could either be an assigned staff member was switched, service type changed, or the date altered for the event. In certain cases, it is useful to see what has been changed and which office manager or admin made the change.

Open And View Service Order

You can select the event in question in the Scheduler and then click on the three bars next to the "X" button:

Navigating To The Service Order

This will show all the services that are scheduled within an invoice that the event belongs to. From here, you will want to select the Options icon and select the "Change History" option.

Selecting Change History

The change history will prompt a screen showing all the services along with the date, service type, and assigned staff. From here, you can find the service in question and click on the green plus icon to the left of the date to expand that event's history. 

View Of Change History

This will bring up the details about any change that has been made to the event. It will show who made the change, what changes have been made, and the date of when the change took place. 

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