Add Or Remove Payment Method On File Using the Client Application

To add a payment method in the Time To Pet mobile app, select the Payment Methods section on your app's homepage:

Screenshot of the homepage of the Mobile App with Payment Methods highlighted in a red rectangle

Next, select the "Add Card" option to add your credit or debit card details:

Screenshot of Settings page with tab for Settings and Payment Methods and Add Card button at the bottom of the screen

The next screen will allow you to add and save your card details:

Screenshot of Add Card page in Mobile App with boxes to input credit card details

Please Note: If your company has ACH payments enabled, ACH bank details can only be added as a payment method from the web Client Portal when making your first payment on an open invoice. You can read more about adding an ACH payment method here: Making Payments With ACH

To remove a payment method from your client account using the Time To Pet mobile app, go to the Payment Methods tab on your homepage, and select the "Delete" button for the payment method you would like to remove:

Screenshot of Payment Methods page with Saved Cards listed and red Delete button next to card on file

A pop up window will appear asking if you would like to confirm removing the payment method from the account:

Screenshot of the pop up confirming to Remove This Payment Method? with options for "No" and "Yes, Remove"

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