Staff Reporting

Time To Pet has a robust built-in reporting tool that allows you to generate a list of staff based on pre-defined filters. These filters can be combined in a multitude of ways to ensure you can quickly and easily segment your staff.

Accessing Staff Reporting

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Reporting in the Sidebar.
  3. Click on "Staff & Clients" or "Users & Clients".

Generating A List Of Staff

To begin, we need to add at least one filter. Click the "Add Filter"  button:

Staff Reporting - Add Filter

From the popup select the required filter. 

Staff Reporting - Select a Filter

A few filters require no additional information; however, many of them will ask for additional details:

Staff Reporting - Additional Detail Filters

Click the "Select Filter" button to add this filter to the list. 

To remove a filter from the current list click the "X":

Staff Reporting - Removing a Filter

Using Multiple Filters

The real power of filters comes into play when multiple are combined together.

Multiple filters can be combined to only find staff that match all of the filters or match at least one of the filters.

You will notice that when more than one filter is added a new selector is available:

OR filters

OR filters: Find staff that matches at least one of the filters.

AND Filters: Find staff that matches all of the filters.

Available Staff Filters For Reporting 

All Staff - All staff
Staff scheduled on date(s) for service(s) - Staff scheduled in a specified date range for a particular set of service(s)
Staff scheduled in date range - Staff scheduled on date(s) for any service
Staff not scheduled in date range - Staff not scheduled in a specified date range for any service
Staff living in zip code(s) - Staff that live in particular zip code(s) 
Staff with a Flag - Staff with one or more flag(s) on their profile
Exclude: System Inactive Staff - Excludes all staff that have been set as inactive 

Additional Staff Reports  

The Staff Time Report is a separate report that allows you to quickly review total time worked by your Staff as well a reliability report. The total time worked can be calculated based on each event's scheduled time, the service's default duration, the mobile app timer, or the check-in/check-out data for each event. More information about this report can be found in the Time & Mileage Reports help article.

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