Grouping Services

For many pet care businesses, they offer an array of services that can include dog walking, cat sitting, boarding, hiking, pet taxi, grooming, etc. Managing so many different services can be a challenge for both the business and for your customers. In Time To Pet, we make the process easier with our Grouping Services feature.

Grouping Services

Grouping services happens directly in your Services List. To create your first "Group" - just look for the "Add Group" button found at the top of the screen.

Image Of "Add Group" ButtonWhen creating a new group, you will give your group a name (like Dog Care or Hiking Services) and include at least one service to be associated with that group.

Image Of Add Service Group WindowAfter you have created your groups, you can easily move services between groups by dragging and dropping.

Time To Pet will use your grouped services whenever you are scheduling new events in our system. Even better - when your customers are requesting services, they will see the same groups as you do.

Image Of Groups In the Client Portal Service Request Form

Re-Ordering Groups

You can re-order entire groups by clicking the dropdown next to "Add Group":

Image Of "Re-Order Groups" Option


Image Of Re-Order Groups Window

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