Adding A Service

Adding a service is simple in Time To Pet! In this help article, we will review the steps to add a service to your account.

Check out this video from our Onboarding Team on how to add a service!

Note: In this article, we'll review the main configuration options for services. For a more in-depth review of all of the available configurations for services, see our Services help doc.

From the sidebar of your Dashboard, click Services > Services & Holidays

screenshot of dashboard with red arrow pointed to services & holidays button

Click "+ New Service":

screenshot of services and holidays screen with red arrow pointing to new service button

Give the service a name, such as "30 Minute Dog Walk":

Set a duration for the service. In this example, we're creating a 30-minute dog walk service, so we'll set the duration to 30 minutes:

Choose whether or not this service will be "selectable by client". If checked, the service will be visible to your clients, and they will be able to request this service from the Client App and Client Portal. If unchecked, clients will not be able to see or request the service.

Choose a color for the service to be on the Scheduler when using the "Color By Service" option. You can select a color by clicking on the colored square or by clicking the "Edit" button, then selecting a pre-defined color.

Alternatively, you can select the "Custom Color" option to set a custom color:

Set the cost for the service. This is the rate your clients will be charged by default.

Note: To learn how to set custom rates for specific clients, see our help doc on Adding Custom Rates For A Client.

If you are required to collect sales tax, you can also mark your service as “Taxable”.

Note: To learn more about collecting sales tax in Time To Pet, see our help doc on Sales Tax.

Time To Pet can help calculate how much to pay your non-hourly staff members. For each service, you can set a Default Staff Rate. This can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the client's rate.

Image showing Default Staff Rate setting when adding a service

Note: To learn how to set custom pay rates for specific staff members, see our help doc on Staff Pay Rates.

Time To Pet also supports automated extra pet fees. These are fees that are automatically added to your client's invoice when multiple pets are scheduled for the service. You can set a staff pay rate for extra pets as well.

Note: Check out our help article on Automatic Extra Pet Fees for more info!

As a reminder, these are just the basics. Visit our full help article on Services for a more in-depth overview of all the available configurations!

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