Managing Your Local Pet Care Listing

Local Pet Care is a referral tool created by the team at Time To Pet. The goal of Local Pet Care is to connect pet parents searching for pet care with local, qualified, and professional pet care providers. All businesses that use Time To Pet also get a free premium Local Pet Care listing with their subscription!

Edit Your Local Pet Care Listing

You can review and edit your Local Pet Care listing in the Local Pet Care section of Time To Pet. This can be found by clicking the Local Pet Care button in the sidebar (this is only available to the Owner Admin on an account).

You can review and update all the information on your business here. This includes information like your Business Name, Business Phone Number, Business Address, etc. Please note that not all information is required but pet parents are more likely to contact a business with a complete profile.

You can self-certify by choosing several credentials.

And can add links to your social media accounts.

Choosing Your Services

In the Services tab, you can select which service your business currently offers.

Zip Codes

In the Zip Codes tab, you can select which zip codes your business provides services in. Pet parents do use a zip code search to find local pet care professionals so be sure to add all of the zip codes in your service area here.

Logo & Images

In the Logo & Images section, you can upload your business logo as well as images that help tell your business story. High quality images of the pets you take care of, or images of you and your team providing pet care services work well here.


In order to maintain a high standard of quality pet care companies in Local Pet Care, only invited companies are eligible to join. You do have the ability to invite other local pet care providers but be sure these are companies you know and trust to provide exceptional care. You can share your invite link here.

Viewing Your Listing

To view your listing, be sure the listing is enabled and the profile has been completed. You can view your listing by clicking the “View My Listing” button at the top of the page.

Manage on

Managing Jobs is only available in your Local Pet Care Dashboard

If you prefer to manage your listing directly on, click the Manage on button. From the Local Pet Care dashboard, you have access to the same settings found in your Time To Pet dashboard.

Managing Jobs

Local Pet Care includes a robust Applicant Tracking System (commonly referred to as ATS) for customers of Time To Pet. Please review our help doc on ATS for more information

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