Sending Videos

Time To Pet's mobile app supports sending videos to clients! Sending videos works just like adding photos to messages on the app.

What You'll Need: Time To Pet Solo or Team Plan. This feature is not available on the Lite plan.

Mobile app view of client conversation feed with message and video attatched

Video Specifications

Videos can be up to 20 seconds in length. Videos taken via the Time To Pet app will automatically end at 20 seconds. Videos added from the staff member's photo or video gallery must be 20 seconds or less. Otherwise, the app will prevent you from adding the video. You can trim the video to a duration of 20 seconds or less and re-upload it (using a video editing tool outside of Time To Pet).

Recording A Video Through The Time To Pet App

To record a video through the Time To Pet app, click the "Record" button on the message screen under the "Attach Video" section:

Mobile app view of the message text box and options for sending attachments with an arrow pointing to the option for recording a video

Downloading A Video From A Client's Conversation Feed

Note: Videos cannot be downloaded through the Web version of Time To Pet. They can only be downloaded through the Staff or Client Mobile App version of Time To Pet.

Videos can be downloaded from a Client’s Conversation Feed. To do so, you must first log into your Time To Pet Mobile App. Then, navigate to the “Chat” tab of a client’s profile that contains the video you would like to download.

screenshot of client conversation feed

Click “Play Video” to open up the app’s video player. At the top of the screen (you may need to tap it first), you should see two different options: “Save Video” and “Share”. Click “Save Video” to download it onto your device. Once it’s downloaded, you should see a message that the video has been saved to your device. 

screenshot of video player with an arrow pointing to the save video option

Selecting A Video From A Device's Gallery

To select a video from the device's gallery, click the "Gallery" icon under the "Attach Video" section:

Mobile app view of the message text box and options for sending attachments with an arrow pointing to the option for accessing the device's photo gallery

Sending Post Visit Videos With Visit Report Cards

Videos can be sent to clients along with their post-visit reports with Visit Report Cards:

Mobile app view of message text box and report card with a video file attched

Sending Videos As A Separate Message

Videos can also be sent to clients in a separate message via the app on the client's conversation feed:

Mobile app view of message text box and options for sending attachments with a video file attatched


Q: Do I need WiFi or a strong cell signal to send videos through the app?

We strongly recommend uploading videos on a WiFi or strong 5g internet connection. Videos uploaded over a weak cell signal may take a long time to upload or fail to upload entirely. If a video fails to upload after a certain amount of time, you will be presented with an alert to remove the video and finish sending your message or visit report. You may also cancel a video upload at any time if it fails to make progress.

Q: How do I delete a message?

If you need to delete a message sent by accident, you can follow these steps:

Deleting A Message To A Client.

Q: If I have text message integration enabled for my company, are staff members able to send videos to clients through text?

No, videos are not able to be sent to clients through text at this time, as what they will be sent is an unclickable thumbnail. However, videos can be sent and are viewable by clients through the Mobile App, the Web Portal, or by email.

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