Using The Client Conversation Feed

Every client has a dedicated Conversation Feed where you can communicate directly with each client. The Conversation Feed will store a complete history of every message sent and received.

By default, messages sent through the client's Conversation Feed will be delivered by email. If your company has Text Messaging enabled, these messages can also be delivered by text message. Similarly, if you have Text Messaging enabled, your client can text your company number and the message will be automatically added to their Conversation Feed.

Sending A Message To A Client

To send a message to a client, first visit their profile. The first tab listed will be their Conversation Feed:

Client's profile under the Conversation tab

To add a new message click on the box labeled "Add a Message...":

Image of the text box to type a message to the client in the Conversation Feed

Begin typing your message. You can also add any number of attachments by clicking the "Attachment" button. You can also remove attached files by clicking the "Remove Image" link under each attachment.

You can add messages to the client's Conversation Feed with the following visibilities:

Client, Staff & Admin: All staff, admin, and the client can view this message.

Staff & Admin Only: The client will not be able to view this message. It is a private note for admins and staff.

Admin Only: Only visible to admins.

If you have Text Messaging enabled and your client has texting enabled, you will also have the option to select how this message is delivered:

Image showing dropdown menu for different Client Delivery options for messages in the Conversation Feed

When your message is ready, click the "Send" button.

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