Bulk Update

The Bulk Update tool allows you to change the assigned sitter, update the holiday fee, or update the status of up to 1,000 events at once.

How Does Bulk Update Vary From Bulk Editing Events On A Service Order?

Bulk Editing events on a service order allows you to modify significantly more details of multiple events at one time such as the service, pets, the time of the events, and more. Bulk Editing, however, is limited to events on the same invoice. Bulk Updating has the very specific purpose of changing the status of an event, the assigned staff for multiple non-related events, changing holiday rates, or refreshing rates for multiple services in bulk. 

Using Bulk Update

Navigate to the Scheduler and click the "Bulk Update" button in the upper right corner:

Your screen will adjust highlighting just the calendar and its surrounding controls:

There are then two different ways to select the events that you wish to Bulk Update:

  1. You can click on an individual event to select it and include it in the Bulk Update. A selected event will appear significantly darker. To de-select an event, click it again.
  2. Using the Bulk Update toolbar, click the "Select Options" button. "Select All Visible" will select all events visible on the calendar. For example, if you only want visits for John Doe on August 18th selected:
    1. Filter the Calendar by John Doe
    2. Click "Day" to narrow down the calendar to show only one day at a time.
    3. Use the arrows in the upper right corner to navigate to August 18th.
    4. Click "Select All Visible".

To update the selected events, click the "Update Events" button and use the Reassign Visits and Update Status tools to update the selected events, or use the Bulk Delete button to delete the selected events. You can also update Holiday Rates in bulk by either dollar amount: 

Bulk Update

or you can update your Holiday Rate with a percentage amount: 

Bulk Update

Lastly, you can choose the “Bulk Refresh Rates” option to refresh the rates on invoices already generated in bulk. This is useful if you have recently updated the rates of your services in your Services List, but have already generated invoices with the old rate. 

Here is a video of Bulk Update in action.

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