Automatic Holiday Rates

Holiday rates allow you to configure fees for days of the year that you charge extra for providing services to your clients. These fees are automatically applied when scheduling new services for a client and when a client requests services through the portal.

Creating A New Holiday Rate

  1. Navigate to Services.
  2. Click on the “Holidays” tab.
  3. Click the “New Holiday” button.
  4. Fill out the Holiday Name.
  5. Fill out the cost. Time To Pet supports both dollar and percentage-based holiday fees. When editing or creating a new holiday fee - you can set the cost to be a flat dollar amount or a percentage.

    Image Of The Holiday Rate Edit Screen

    If you select the percentage option, you can choose whether this is a percentage of just the primary service, the primary service and any add-on services, or the primary service, add-on services and any extra (like weekend or after hours fees). 

    Image Of Percentage Dropdown Options

  6. Fill out how to charge, and the day of the year this holiday falls on.
  7. Click “Save Changes”.

Some Holidays are on the same day/month every year. These will automatically be applied each year without any additional work on your part. If, however, you are setting up a holiday that has a varying day/month each year you will need to adjust  "Changes Each Year?" to "Date Varies Each Year".  You can then set up each year's day and month to ensure accurate billing. We recommend setting up at least a few years in advance.

Image Of Date Varies Holidays

Applying Holiday Rates

When scheduling services for a client, the holiday rate can be seen under the "Extras" section. You can select a percentage amount for your holiday fee: 

Image showing "Extras" section when adding a service with the Holidays option selected to edit holiday rate

Or you can select a dollar amount for your holiday fee: 

Image showing "Extras" section when adding a service with the Holidays option selected to change holiday rate to dollar amount

The rate for this holiday can be customized here for any scheduled service. You can also remove the rate by unchecking the checkbox next to the "Holiday".

You can manually add a holiday rate to any scheduled service by checking the "Holiday" box and setting a rate greater than $0.00 or 0.00%.

When a client requests services through the portal, any service that falls on a holiday will automatically have the holiday rate applied.

You can create custom holiday rates for staff members. Check out our help article on Staff Pay Rates for more. 

Displaying Holidays On The Scheduler

When you add a new Holiday, Time To Pet will also display this Holiday right on your Scheduler.

Please keep in mind, that any Holidays with "Date Varies Each Year" will need to be entered for each date that you would like displayed on your Scheduler. For example, if a Holiday falls on October 1st, 2021, but a varying date for 2022, 2023, and 2024 has not been added, only the date for October 1st, 2021 will be displayed. 

Example Of Holiday Being Shown On Scheduler

Troubleshooting A New Holiday Rate

When you add a Holiday Rate, it will only be automatically added to events scheduled after the Holiday Rate has been added. If you need to add the Holiday Rate to events that were scheduled before the Holiday Rate was added, you can use the Bulk Update tool to add Holiday Rates to multiple events at once. Select the events that need the Holiday Rate applied, and then use the Bulk Refresh Rates button in Bulk Update to automatically apply the Holiday Rate to those previously scheduled events. See the Bulk Update Knowledge Base article for more information. 

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