Enabling GPS Tracking

Time To Pet offers both Time Tracking and GPS Tracking through our Mobile App. When GPS is enabled, Time To Pet can capture the GPS coordinates of where your staff member checks in and checks out of their events and map the route they took while they were checked into an event. You can customize whether or not the entire route is tracked or just the check-in and check-out coordinates, as well as whether or not GPS data is shared with your clients. You can also turn GPS tracking on and off for each service you offer. 

Note: There are a number of places you can view GPS data in Time To Pet. Please take a look at our help article on Viewing Time Tracking And GPS Data for more information.

Enabling Standard GPS Tracking (Check In/Check Out Coordinates)

Standard GPS tracking (capturing GPS data of where a staff member checks in and check out of visits) can be enabled in Settings > Mobile App > Configuration. This is also where you can choose to attach GPS Tracking data to visit reports for your clients to see.

screenshot of mobile app configuration settings screen with red box around gps tracking enabled and show clients gps tracking settings

Note: Time Tracking must also be enabled to use GPS Tracking.

Enabling GPS Route Tracking For A Service

Full GPS Route Tracking can be turned on and off for each service you offer. In your Services List, click "Edit" next to the service you want to enable GPS Route Tracking for and find the following setting:

screenshot of service setup screen with red box around gps tracking setting and red arrow pointing to red box

When enabled, Time To Pet will track the full GPS Route your staff member took when checked in to the visit.

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