Viewing Time Tracking And GPS Data

After you have enabled Time Tracking and/or GPS Tracking, this information is easily accessible in multiple locations throughout Time To Pet.

Accessing Data On Dashboard

Each section below will detail the different places this data is accessible. The screenshot below illustrates the Time and GPS data that is available for each event.

Note: Only the information available will be displayed. For example, if you have GPS Tracking enabled but GPS Route Tracking disabled, only the check-in and out locations will be displayed.

Time Tracking Timestamp

The timer and last GPS coordinates are taken when you hit the Stop Timer button for the last time. 

For example, if you hit the Stop Timer button at 8:35 AM and then spend 5 minutes typing a message. The last GPS coordinate and the last timestamp will show as 8:35 AM, not 8:40 AM. If however, you save the message as a Draft, go back to the event screen and then hit the Stop Timer button again at 8:42 AM, the last GPS coordinate and timestamp will show as 8:42 AM. 

Client’s Conversation Feed

If a message was attached with the visit, the conversation feed will now display a “Details” button at the end of the message:

Client Or Staff Services List

When viewing the list of services from either a staff or client’s profile, if an event has Time or GPS data available, there will be a new location pin icon:

From The Scheduler

Using the Quick Info popup that is displayed for an event when you click on it, if an event has Time or GPS details there will be a new “Details” link:

From Daily Summary

When viewing the Daily Summary if an event has GPS or Time data available there will a new location pin icon:

Client Accessibility Of Data

If you have configured your Time To Pet to show GPS and/or Time Tracking data to clients this information will be available in the Client Portal to them as well. The two places this is available are:

Conversation Feed


Clicking on a scheduled service will bring up the Quick Info popup. This popup will contain a new link “More Details”:

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