Time To Pet Security

Data Storage

All password and sensitive information is hashed with a random salt and stored encrypted.  

Data Transport

All traffic to and from Time To Pet servers uses the same 128-bit level encryption your bank uses over HTTPS. Non-encrypted traffic is forced over to encrypted methods.

Credit Card Storage

Time To Pet is fully PCI Compliant (for validation: https://www.timetopet.com/pci). Time To Pet never stores you or your Client's Credit Card information on our servers. All credit card information is stored at our integrated payment processor's secure storage solutions. All of our integrated payment processors are also fully PCI compliant.

Physical Security

Your data is stored on our secure servers in data centers with 24/7 security with redundant backup power supplies in a natural disaster-neutral region of the United States.

Access Control

Time To Pet has audit logging and strict policies for access to your data by Time To Pet employees. All personal Client data is only accessible via Authenticated methods (in other words, you can only access details via strictly controlled authentication methods, and this information is not available publicly). 

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