Timeline View

The Timeline view on the Scheduler allows you to view all of your events for a single day in a horizontal or vertical view. This tool also makes it really simple to move visits from one staff to another by dragging and dropping them. You can also drag and drop events just to change the time of these events.

Accessing the Timeline View

Navigate to the Scheduler and select the "Timeline" option:

You can view Timeline in the horizontal "Day" format or vertically. 

When selecting the first Day option, your staff members will be shown on the left side of the screen and your timeline will be shown on the right. Please note that each staff member has their own row and all of their events for that day are listed in their row:

When selecting the Day - Vertical option, your staff members will be listed at the top of the screen with your timeline on the left hand side. 

Just like with the main Scheduler, you can see the details of all events by clicking on them:

You can also use the "Staff" and "Client" dropdowns (as well as all filters) to change which staff members and which clients' events appear in this view:

To move events from one staff to another (or to change the time of an event), simply drag and drop the event to move it around the calendar.

Lastly - if you need to change the Calendar Interval (to give more space on your timeline view) - you can do so by editing this in the bottom left:

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