Quick Re-Assign

The Quick Re-Assign tool allows you to move visits from one sitter to another by dragging and dropping them. 

Using Quick Re-Assign

Navigate to the Scheduler and click the right arrow next to "Bulk Update":

A new screen will launch. On the left will be a Calendar (1), List of Active Sitters (2), and Side By Side comparison of the selected Sitter Schedules (3).

You can view the details of each scheduled event by selecting the event. 

To change the Sitters that have their Schedule displayed in the side by side comparison, click their name in the left list. To change the date displayed on the Schedules, click on the day in the Calendar in the upper left corner.

To re-assign or change the start time of a visit, simply click and hold your left mouse button down, drag the visit to the desired time/Sitter's schedule, and release your mouse button to drop the visit.

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