Adding The Client Portal Tag And New Client Form Links To Your Website

If you have a website, you can add a link to the client portal login screen so existing clients can easily log in to their Time To Pet account, or add a link to your new client form, which will allow prospective clients to inquire about services with your company and create their very own Time To Pet account. In this article, we'll review the steps on how to create a custom URL for both of these items and go over how you can add them to your website.

Check out this video from our Onboarding Team on adding the client portal tag to your website!

Client Portal Tag

The Client Portal Tag is the URL your clients use to access their portal. You can create a custom URL in Settings > Client Settings > Portal Settings, or you can leave this blank, and clients will simply log in via However, keep in mind that your company information and theme will only be shown on the login screen if you have created a custom URL.

screencap of client portal tag and client portal link

New Client Form Link

The New Client Form Link is the URL that you can add to your website that will direct prospective clients to fill out your company’s New Client Form and create their own Time To Pet accounts. This link will be auto-generated for your company and can be found beneath the “Allow Clients To Create Account?” option in your company's Portal Settings if the setting has been enabled.

Once you have configured your settings to allow clients to create their own accounts, you can choose whether or not their accounts require an Administrator’s approval before they are created. However, before adding the New Client Form Link to your website, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Allow pet parents to create their own accounts. You can do this from the Settings > Client Settings > Portal Settings section of your account by toggling the dropdown menu for the “Allow Clients To Create Account?” setting to either “Yes, Accounts Require Approval” or “Yes, Auto Approve Accounts.”
  2. Build the New Client Form for your company. This will become available as soon as you complete the previous step. For instructions on how to create this form with the questions you would like potential pet parents to answer, please see our help article here: Building The New Client Form. If you would like some suggestions on what you should include in your form, we have some tips here: Best Practices For The New Client Form.

Adding A Time To Pet URL To Your Website

After you've created your Client Portal Tag or New Client Form in your Portal Settings, you may be wondering what the steps are to add these custom URLs to your website and what the benefits are to doing so.

Adding the Client Portal Tag to your website allows your clients to access the portal more easily, allowing them to request visits and submit payments at any time. Meanwhile, the New Client Form makes it simple for potential clients to create a profile and get started requesting services with your company. This can remove a lot of the administrative work normally required for onboarding new clients off of your plate. Many of our customers add these links side by side on their websites in order to clearly direct new and existing clients where they need to go. 

Below we have included instructions from several major website builders on how to add an external link to your website.


Google Sites:






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