Allowing New Clients To Create An Account

Time To Pet provides the ability for you to add a link to your website to allow new clients to create an account directly in Time To Pet.

Time To Pet will also run an email search to make sure that this new client doesn't already have an account in your system (to help prevent duplicate accounts). You can configure this option directly from the Portal Settings screen. There are two options for allowing clients to create their own accounts:

Accounts Require Approval This will allow your clients to create their own account which will be in a pending state until approved by an administrator.

Auto Approve Accounts This will allow your clients to create their own account without having to be approved by an administrator. These clients will be automatically added to your client list and have access to their client account after they submit your new client form.

After selecting one of these "Yes" options for the "Allow Clients To Create Accounts" field, Time To Pet will allow you to customize the fields included in the form and give you a new URL to add to your website for that "New Clients" button:

Portal Settings showing Allow Clients To Create Accounts form with dropdown menu to add additional fields and link to add to website

 You can create fields that are visible on the new client form but not visible in the client portal by adding the fields in Client Fields and making the fields “Client Editable” but not “Client Visible. For more information on configuring your new client form, see our help article on Best Practices For The New Client Form.

Should I Add The New Client Form To My Website?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to adding the new client link to your website. Some of our customers have different methods of accepting new clients that might involve setting up the meet and greet prior to adding their clients into the system. If this is your preferred method, you may forego adding the new client link to your website. The new client link can be convenient, however, if you would like for new clients to sign your service agreement and fill out their client and pet details before the meet and greet or starting services. Because you can choose to approve client account requests, you will still be able to do some vetting prior to adding your clients into the system, such as making sure the clients are in your service area. 

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