Allowing New Clients To Create An Account

In Time To Pet, you can create a link that new clients can visit to create an account with your company. This link can be added to your website so potential clients can easily find where to request an account, or you can send it to potential clients manually to get started. In this article, we'll review how to set up your new client form.

Enabling The New Client Form

Before you can generate a link to the New Client Form, you must first create a Client Portal Tag in Settings > Client Settings > Portal Settings:

screenshot of portal settings with red arrow pointing to client portal tag

Then, on the same screen, you need to "Allow Clients To Create An Account". Here, you will have two options:

screenshot of portal settings with red box around allow clients to create account setting

Accounts Require Approval – This will allow your clients to request an account, but the account will stay in a pending status until approved or rejected by an administrator. When their account is approved, clients will automatically be sent a Welcome Email with a link to activate their accounts, and they'll be added to your client list.

Auto Approve Accounts – This will allow your clients to create their own accounts without being approved by an administrator. These clients will automatically be sent a Welcome Email with a link to activate their accounts, and they'll be added to your client list immediately after they submit your new client form.

Building The New Client Form

Once the new client form has been enabled, the "Fields On Form" section will appear. Here, you can add fields from your Client And Pet Fields that you'd like to include on the new client form:

screenshot of fields on form section with red arrow pointing to add field button

When creating custom fields that you would like to appear on the New Client Form, there may be certain information you’d like to gather from prospective clients filling out the form that you don’t need from your existing clients. To make it so these fields are only visible on the New Client Form and not visible to established clients when you are creating the new Client Fields, ensure that you are checking the box to make them "Client Editable" and unchecking the box that says "Client Visible".

screenshot of client field edit mode with red box around client editable and client visible options with client editable option checked and client visible option unchecked

Note: Check out our help doc on Best Practices For The New Client Form!

Should I Add The New Client Form To My Website?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to adding the new client link to your website. Some of our customers have different methods of accepting new clients that might involve setting up the meet and greet prior to adding their clients into the system. If this is your preferred method, you may forego adding the new client link to your website. However, the new client link can be convenient if you would like for new clients to sign your service agreement and fill out their client and pet details before the meet and greet or starting services. Because you can choose to approve client account requests, you will still be able to do some vetting prior to adding your clients into the system, such as making sure the clients are in your service area. 


Q: I have auto approval enabled; why is there a client pending approval in the Approvals section of my Dashboard?

If you have your portal settings configured to automatically approve new clients, but a client was not automatically approved, this means that a client already exists in your database using that email address. If you can't find them in your active Client List, be sure to check your Inactive Clients list.

If you want to use the existing account, you can delete the new client request and let the client know they can log in using their email and password (be sure the existing account is made active again if needed). If you want to use the new account, you will need to delete the email from the existing client profile before you can approve the new client request.

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