Exporting Pet Data And Filtering By Birthday

Just like Client Data, all of your company's pet data can be exported into a spreadsheet. You can do this by going to your Main Client List in the dashboard. Located at the very bottom of the page, you should see a button labeled "Export Pet Data".

Client List with arrow pointing the Export  Pet Data button at bottom of list

Clicking the button will slide down a screen where you can select what fields you want to export, and you can choose to include pets of inactive clients, deceased pets, or inactive pets. In addition to the fields you select here, the exported file will also include the name and email address of the client to which each pet belongs to.

Export Pet Data - Select Pet Data Fields

Exporting Pet Data By Birth Date

Pet data can also be exported directly from the Pet List, which allows you to first filter by birth date. This can be useful if you want to send out a card or email to all pets with upcoming birthdays.

The "Filter Birth Date" dropdown menu gives you the option to search for pets who have a birthday before or after a certain date or between two dates.

Export Pet Data - Select Birth Date Filter

Once you've selected your dates, click the "Refresh" button to update the list and then the "Download" button to export the pet data. This will download a spreadsheet of all pet profile fields and the name and email address of the client for each pet with a birthday within the range you selected.

Export Pet Data - Click Refresh Button or Download Button

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