Instant Payouts

Time To Pet Payments powered by Stripe in the US supports the ability for Instant Payouts. Instant Payouts allow you to quickly transfer any pending funds in your Time To Pet Payments account to a connected debit card or bank account. Please review Stripe's list of supported banks.

How To Trigger An Instant Payout

You can trigger an Instant Payout in Settings > Invoicing & Payments > Credit Cards. Just look for the Instant Payouts section:

screenshot of instant payouts section found under credit cards in invoicing & payments settings

After clicking the "Start Instant Payout" button, Time To Pet will determine if you have connected a debit card or bank account to your Time To Pet Payments account that supports instant payouts. If your payout account does not support instant payouts, Time To Pet will provide step-by-step instructions on connecting a supported instant payout account.

If a supported instant payout account is already connected, Time To Pet will show you the balance available, the fee, and the amount sent to your account:

screenshot of instant payout screen displaying instant payout details

After clicking the checkbox agreeing to pay the fee, you can start the payout.

IMPORTANT: Stripe only supports one payout account at a time, and Instant Payouts are not available for all bank accounts. Please review Stripe's list of supported Instant Payout partners for more information.

Note: If you updated your payout account to a debit card to initiate an Instant Payout, we recommend that a merchant add their bank account back (as it's more reliable than a debit card for standard payouts due to debit cards expiring or needing to be replaced).

A merchant needs to verify ownership each time they change their payout account (either debit or bank account) by entering either the account number currently on file or the debit card number currently on file. Once confirmed, the option to switch payout accounts appears.


Q: How fast is "instant"?

Nearly 6,000 banks in the United States support Instant Payouts and, in practice, about 99% of payouts are available within minutes. Due to differences across banks, the other 1% are usually available within a few hours or the next 1-2 business days.

Q: Are there any fees to request an Instant Payout?

There is a fee of 1% of the payout (with a minimum of $2.50) for each Instant Payout processed.

Q: Are there any limits on payouts?

There is a limit of $9,999.00 per Instant Payout, but multiple Instant Payouts can be started in succession. There is a weekly limit of $10,000 in instant payout volume and a daily limit of 2 instant payouts per day.

There is also a monthly limit of $50,000.00 for consumer debits cards and $65,000.00 for small business ("commercial") cards.

Q: Are Instant Payouts available outside of the United States?

No, Instant Payouts are currently only available to service providers with debit cards issued by United States banks.

Q: What payments are eligible for Instant Payouts?

Payments categorized as "Future Payouts" are eligible for Instant Payouts. Payments already in the "In Transit To Bank" status are not eligible for Instant Payouts.

screenshot of time to pet payments payments tab with a bo around future payouts amount

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