Navigating Time To Pet

At Time To Pet, we understand the importance of efficiency and control in managing your pet care business, whether it's a one-person operation or a large company. The Time To Pet Dashboard is your central hub for achieving just that. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the entire navigation menu and provide a brief overview of what you can do within each menu item and tab, including links to relevant help documentation for each screen that will provide you with the knowledge to configure your account, access information, and perform actions seamlessly.

Note: This article reviews all possible menu items in Time To Pet for users in the Admin role. If you are in the trainee, staff, user, or office manager role, the screens you can access will be more limited and depend on the specific permissions your company has set for your role.


You'll be brought to the Home screen when you first log in to Time To Pet. By default, this screen will contain two widgets: one that shows your daily calendar and one that lists events that were scheduled in the past but have not yet been completed. You can Configure The Homepage to add more widgets or remove the two default widgets so that you always have the information you need upon logging in.

home screen

Note: When on smaller mobile screens such as your phone, the home page will instead contain a list of scheduled events for the day. Check out our help doc on Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field to learn more about the differences between the desktop and mobile versions of the Time To Pet Dashboard.

Account & Help

The Account & Help menu can be accessed by clicking on the profile image in the top right corner when on a larger desktop screen:

profile photo button pressed with menu expanded

Or by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner on smaller mobile screens:

mobile web version of time to pet with red circle around menu button in top left corner and red box around help and my account sections

Edit My Info

The "Edit My Info" button will bring you to your personal staff profile, where you can add or update your staff bio, profile picture, email, password, and other details. Within this screen are tabs for Notifications and Client Subscriptions, where you can edit which notifications you'd like to receive and for which clients.

edit my info screen


In the Billing section of your account, you can see your referral link and information on any referral credits you've earned, upcoming payment information, and information on past payments.

billing screen

Resource Center

The Resource Center offers a downloadable Onboarding Guide and links to some commonly used help articles and videos to assist you in setting up your account.

resources screen

Product Updates

The Product Updates button will bring you to our Blog, where all of our shiny new product updates and feature releases will be announced!

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base button brings you to our Knowledge Base, where this very article lives! We are constantly adding new articles and updating and improving existing ones so that you can always find the help you need when you need it.

Contact Us

The Contact Us button will open the Help beacon, where you can search for answers from our Knowledge Base without leaving your Dashboard, send us an Email, or start a live chat with one of our support team members.

help beacon expanded

Log Out

Click this to log out of your account.

Dashboard Menu

Clients → Client List

The Client List is a list of all of your active clients. There is also a red button in the upper right-hand corner of your Client List that you can click to see your inactive clients. To export your client and/or pet data, scroll down to the bottom of this list to see the export options.

client list

Clients → Add New Client

Click Add New Client to add a new client to your Client List.

add a client screen

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Clients → Documents

In Client Documents, you can review documents that have been uploaded to individual clients (under the Client Documents tab) and documents that have been uploaded to all clients (under the Global Documents tab).

client documents screen

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Clients → Keys

In the Keys screen, you can see and manage all of your client keys and generate reports that will help you determine which keys need to be given to which staff or moved to a different location.

keys screen

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Clients → Pet List

Your Pet List is a list of all of your client's pets. From this screen, you can click a pet to go straight to their pet profile, filter the list based on birthday, and export pet details. You can also visit the Vaccinations tab to generate vaccination status reports.

pet list

Clients → Vet List

From the Vet List you can quickly add a vet, see a list of all vets, edit a vet, and export your Vet list.

vet list

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The Scheduler contains the schedule for your entire company. From this screen, you can make bulk updates to the schedule and block days or Schedule Blocks to prevent clients from requesting services on certain days or times. Visit the Templates tab to create or edit Templates for recurring services, and visit the Pending or Change Request tabs to process client service requests.


Scheduler → Daily Summary

The Daily Summary will give you a scheduling summary of the current day's events. You can also access the Geo Schedule and Map User Schedule tools to assist in your scheduling. If you have the Acknowledge The Day feature enabled, you'll also see a tab to review if and when each staff member has acknowledged their schedule for the day.

daily summary

Scheduler → Time Off/Availability

The Time Off/Availability calendar shows all approved staff time off or availability. Under the Settings tab, you can switch whether your company uses Time Off or Availability.

company time off calendar

My Schedule

In My Schedule, you can view your personal schedule. If enabled for your company, you can clock in and out as well as track mileage. You can also request or add Time Off from this screen.

my schedule screen

Invoicing → Invoice List

Your Invoice List is a list of all invoices from all clients that shows the invoice number, due date, date, client, amount charged, balance due, and status. You can click the "Edit" button to open the invoice and see the line items on it, or click the "Calendar" button to open the service order on the scheduler.

invoice list

Invoicing → Automation

If Automatic Charging is enabled for your company, you'll see this section in your navigation menu. In the Automation section, you can review upcoming automatic charges, review past automatic charges, and turn Automatic Charging on or off for specific clients in the "Clients" tab.

automation screen

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Invoicing → Bulk Invoicing

With the Bulk Invoicing tool, you can perform the following actions in bulk:

  • Email invoices
  • Send confirmation emails
  • Charge clients
  • Add manual payments
  • Apply credits to invoices
  • Apply open payments to invoices

Visit the History tab to see a log of all actions taken using the Bulk Invoicing tool.

bulk invoicing screen

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Invoicing → Payments

If your company is connected to Time To Pet Payments for payment processing, you'll see this option in your navigation menu. In this screen, you can view upcoming payouts, a total of payment processing fees that have been deducted from your payouts, and a detailed report of each individual payout. You can visit the Payments tab to see a list of all client payments and the Disputes tab to see the status of any payments that have been disputed by a client.

time to pet payments dashboard

Staff/Users → Staff List/User List

The Staff/User List is a list of all of your active staff/users. There is also a red button in the upper right-hand corner of this List that you can click to see your inactive staff. To export your staff data, scroll down to the bottom of this list to see the export button.

Staff/Users → Add New Staff/User

Click Add New Staff to add a new staff member to your Staff List.

add a user screen

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Staff/Users → Documents

In Staff/User Documents, you can review documents that have been uploaded to individual staff profiles (under the Staff Documents tab) and documents that have been uploaded to all clients (under the Global Documents tab).

user documents screen

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Staff/Users → Happiness

If enabled for your company, you can review happiness report feedback from clients on this screen as well as forward the feedback to the attending staff member for that visit.

happiness report

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Staff/Users → Pay Center

If you have a team of staff or users to pay for completing services, the Pay Center is your central hub for determining how much to pay them for services completed and tips received. The Pay Stubs tab (or Invoices if you use independent contractors) is where you can generate new pay stubs and review finalized pay stubs. In the Pay and Tip report tabs, you can generate reports based on what you've paid staff and what is projected to be paid in the future. You can disburse client tips and review tip disbursements from the Tips tab. Finally, you can generate a pay rate table that shows each staff member's default pay rates for each service you offer from the Pay Rates tab.

pay center

Staff/Users → MyPay

In the My Pay section, you can review your personal pay information, such as what is estimated to be paid out for scheduled services, a history of pay stubs generated, tips that have been disbursed to you from clients, your personal pay rates, and time tracking and mileage tracking logs if enabled for your company.

my pay screen


In the Approvals screen, you can process messages that staff have sent to clients that require approval before being sent to the client, staff time off or availability requests, prospective client account requests, and pet removal requests.

approvals screen


In the Messages dashboard, you can review all messages sent to and from clients in the "Clients Tab" or review all messages sent to and from staff or users in the "Staff" or "Users" tab. You can send mass emails and messages in the "Email Clients" and "Email Staff/Users" tabs. The "Gallery" tab contains a gallery of all pictures sent to clients. Finally, in the "Scheduled" tab, you can find a log of all scheduled messages.

message center

Services → Services & Holidays

In the Services & Holidays section, you can create, review, and edit the services you offer, as well as set the rates and pay rates for each in the "Services" tab. You can configure automatic holiday surcharges in the "Holidays" tab.

services and holidays screen

Services → Packages

In the Packages screen, you can create, edit, and review the Packages you offer, as well as review how much has been redeemed from each Package in the "Package Renewal Report" tab.

packages screen

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Package Renewal Report

Reporting → Financial

Financial reports include revenue, payment, and sales reports.

reporting financial

Reporting → Schedule

There are various schedule-related reports here.

reporting schedule

Reporting → Staff/Users & Clients

Staff/User and Client Reports will generate a list of clients based on the filters you add.

reporting users and clients

Reporting → Time

There are various time and mileage reports here.

reporting time


Company Settings → General

In this section, you will configure your company name and contact information as well as configure tax rates and service areas.

general company settings

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Company Settings → Client Fields

In this section, you can create or edit the questions you ask clients as part of their client profile.

client fields

Company Settings → Pet Fields

In this section, you can create or edit the questions you ask clients as part of their pet profiles.

pet fields

Company Settings → Flags

In this section, you can create, edit, or remove client and staff flags.


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Company Settings → Messaging

In this section, you can configure an auto-reply message that will be sent to clients if they message your business after hours, set outgoing messages to be delivered during business hours if sent outside of business hours, and customize various messages that will be sent to clients depending on the action taken.

messaging settings

Company Settings → Saved Replies

In this section, you can create saved replies that you can quickly insert when messaging clients from the Client Conversation Feed.

saved replies

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Company Settings → Scheduler

In this section, you can configure your preference for various scheduler appearances.

scheduler settings screen

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Company Settings → Theme

In this section, you can customize the colors displayed on your Dashboard, Client Portal, and company emails and upload your company Logo to be displayed.

theme settings

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Invoicing & Payments → Invoice Settings

In this section, you can configure your invoice settings, such as when invoices are due and what fees should be charged for cancellations.

invoice settings

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Invoicing & Payments → Credit Cards

In this section, you can integrate with or disconnect from one of our payment processing partners. If connected to Time To Pet Payments (powered by Stripe) in the United States, you can initiate an Instant Payout from this screen as well as edit your payout frequency, payment methods accepted, and statement descriptor.

credit card settings

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Invoicing & Payments → Automation

In this section, you can enable, disable, and configure Automatic Charging for your company.

automation settings

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Mobile App → Information

This screen provides links to download the App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

mobile app information screen

Mobile App → Configuration

In this screen, you can enable and disable GPS and time tracking for your company, show or hide tracking data from clients, decide whether clients are alerted when a visit is started, and whether or not clients can see staff bios.

mobile app configration settings

Mobile App → Visit Report Cards

In this section, you can create and edit report cards to be sent to clients with your end-of-visit reports.

visit report card settings

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Mobile App → Field Visibility

In this section, you can configure which Client Fields are visible on events in the App.

mobile app field visibility settings

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Client Settings → General

In this section, you can configure how client names will be displayed throughout Time To Pet.

client settings general screen

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Client Settings → Pets

In this section, you can enable and disable pet birthday reminders and decide which type of staff will receive them.

pet settings screen

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Client Settings → Vaccinations

In this screen, you can configure vaccination reminder notifications for admin, allow clients to upload their own vaccination records, and create the vaccines you want to track.

vaccination settings screen

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Client Settings → Agreements

In this section, you can create and update the agreements your clients will be required to sign to access their accounts and request services, review signatures in the "Signatures" tab, and set which clients should be required to sign in the "Required By" tab.

agreement settings

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Client Settings → Portal Settings

The Portal Settings screen is home to many important account settings that determine what clients can see and how they will interact with your company from their Client App and Portal. These settings include whether clients can request or create a new account with you, adding a portal banner/announcement to alert clients to important information upon logging in, configuring your pet parent onboarding steps, which invoices should be visible, and requirements and limits on service requests, among other options.

portal settings

Client Settings → Schedule Blocks

Schedule Blocks are the time options your clients will see when requesting services. In this screen, you can configure your Schedule Blocks, choose to hide or show exact times to clients and create an automatic client time display that is shown to clients instead of the exact time their events are scheduled for.

schedule block settings

Staff/User Settings → General

In the general staff settings, you’ll configure various settings that determine how your staff/users will interact with your company in Time To Pet, such as what they will be referred to as (users or staff), whether they should be paid for services and extra pets where the client paid $0, whether they are allowed to complete events before their scheduled end time, and whether they should be required to acknowledge their schedule every day.

user settings screen

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Staff/User Settings → Permissions

In the Permissions screen, you can enable and disable various permissions that determine what each tier of staff is able to do in Time To Pet.

permission settings screen

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Staff/User Settings → Time & Mileage

In this section, you can enable and disable general time tracking and mileage tracking for your company and further customize which staff members they are enabled for in the “Staff/Users” tab.

time and mileage settings

Integrations → Backup

In this screen, you can connect to your DropBox account to automate a daily backup of all of your client, pet, key, and schedule data.

backup integaration screen

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Integrations → Calendar Integration

In this screen, you can generate a calendar subscription URL for your company calendar, personal calendar, and staff calendars, which you can then use to subscribe to the corresponding calendar from your Google, Apple, or other third-party calendar.

calendar integration screen

Integrations → Quickbooks

In this screen, you can connect to your Quickbooks Online account.

quickbooks integration screen

Integrations → Texting

In this screen, you can enable the optional texting feature and manage all of the related settings as well as review text logs and charges (if enabled).

texting integration settings

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Integrations → Zapier

In this screen, you can connect to your Zapier account, allowing you to automate tasks and workflows in tools you use to manage your pet care company outside of Time To Pet.

zapier integration settings

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Advanced → Happiness

In this screen, you can enable and customize a happiness survey that will be attached to all end-of-visit reports.

happiness settings

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Advanced → Notifications

In this screen, you can configure various notification settings that apply to the whole company, such as turning all notifications on or off, determining how close to a scheduled event staff members should receive notifications, and when staff should be notified about schedule updates.

advanced notification settings

Advanced → Email Logs

In this screen, you will find a log of all emails sent to clients and staff from your company. You can click the "Delivery Report" button to check the delivery status.

email logs

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Advanced → Bulk Notification Editor

In this screen, you can force notification setting changes to all users within a specific role of your company.

bulk notification editor

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Advanced → Bulk Custom Client Rates

In this screen, you can force or remove custom client rates from all or a filtered subset of all your clients.

bulk custom client rate screen

Advanced → Keys

In this section, you can create and update custom key locations, such as adding a key storage box or a a secondary office.

advanced key settings

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