How To Email An Invoice

To email an individual invoice to a client, you can open the invoice you want to send, scroll to the bottom of the invoice window and click the "Email" button: 

View of Email button on Invoice Screen

Note: If you do not see the "Email" button, be sure to make sure you are at the very bottom of the window you have opened or have zoomed out or in (depending on the device or browser you are using).

Invoices are not automatically emailed to clients; however, we have several options to make it easy for your invoices to be emailed, scheduled to be emailed using the Scheduled Messages feature, and shown to your clients, depending on your company's preferences. View the FAQs below for more information.


Q: How do I email more than one invoice all at once?

To email a group of invoices in bulk or email a batch of invoices in bulk, you can use our Bulk Invoicing tool. 

Q: Can I schedule invoices to be emailed out? 

To schedule emails containing invoices, you can use our Scheduled Messages feature. 

Q: Are invoices automatically emailed?

Invoices are only automatically emailed if Automatic Charging is enabled. They can be bulk emailed in Bulk Invoicing, scheduled to be sent using the Scheduled Messages feature, or individually emailed.

Q: How do I show invoices to clients or adjust which invoices they see? 

You can set when invoices are automatically shown to clients in their Client Portal and Client App by adjusting the "Show Unpaid Invoices?" setting in Client Settings - Portal Settings. More information is available in our Portal Settings help documentation.

Q: When does Time To Pet automatically send emails? Is there a complete list of email notifications my clients can receive?

To see a list of when Time To Pet emails your clients: When Time To Pet Emails Your Clients.

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