When Time To Pet Emails Your Clients

One of Time To Pet’s greatest features is how it automates and integrates many tasks that would otherwise be time consuming and tedious. This automation often raises questions about when Time To Pet will send an email to your clients. Time To Pet takes a very conservative approach and follows the principle of “Less Is More” when it comes to emailing your clients.

The following is a comprehensive list of when Time To Pet will send an email to your clients. As you can see there are very few times we will send an email to your clients without a manual action initiating the email (for example, when you click “Email Invoice To Client”).

  1. A message is sent to your Client via the Messaging feature or after Completing a service and opting to leave a message.
  2. A confirmation is sent after approving/rejecting service order requests from client.
  3. After a client initiates a credit card payment themselves, we will send a confirmation of successful payment.
  4. After an Admin/Office Manager successfully charges client’s card, we will email client confirmation of the charge.
  5. You manually select “Email To Client” on an invoice.
  6. Client initiates an email themselves from portal such as “Reset My Password” or “Activate Account”.
  7. When adding a client to your account there is a checkbox asking if you would like to have an activation email (this activation email has instructions on how to activate their portal account) sent to them.
  8. From a Client’s profile you select Quick Actions -> Send Portal Instructions to re-send the instructions on how to access their portal.
  9. From the Scheduler when you select "Send Confirmation" an email will be sent with a summary of all events that are part of that Invoice.

To further clarify here are some examples of when we do not email your clients:

  1. We never automatically email an invoice to your clients.
  2. Making changes on your scheduler will never notify the affected client.
  3. Updating a Client’s details or Pet details will never result in a notification email to the Client.

If you ever have any questions about when we email your clients, please feel free to get in touch. We often recommend creating a ‘dummy’ client for new Time To Pet customers with your own email address. This will allow you to sign in to your Client Portal just like a normal client would and experience everything as they would.

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