Staff Pay Rates

When creating or updating a service, you can set a default pay rate for your staff members or users. This determines how much, by default all staff are paid for a service. For example, you might specify that for “Dog Sitting – 30 Minutes,” you want to pay all staff 50% of the total cost.

screenshot of services rates section

If you have certain staff members that earn a different amount than the default, you can easily customize how much they earn for each service. For example, if the default value is 50% of the service cost, you might want to specify that Jane Smith earns 60% rather than the default 50%. Next, we'll show you how to add a custom pay rate for staff members.

Setting Custom Pay Rates For Staff/Users

  1. Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation select “Staff” or "Users".
  3. Find the Staff Member in the list of staff and click on their name.
  4. Click the tab “Rates”.

    Rates tab under a staff profile showing staff rate for different services

    Each section here is a service. You will see the Service Name, how much the default pay rate is, and what this staff member is currently being paid. Notice how the staff’s current rate is editable.

  5. To edit the pay rate for a service, edit the “Current Rate” by using the input fields. Once you have finished editing a rate, be sure to click the save button next to that rate.

    image of main rate for a staff member with option to change the current rate or set back to the default rate

  6. You will notice that by editing the staff member’s “Current Rate”, a new button appears to the right: “Use Default Rate” - use this to undo any custom rate you have set. 

    image of main staff rate with arrow pointing to the use default option

  7. You can also set pay rate customizations for extra pets, weekend, and after-hours rates. To remove any or all customizations, select the preferred option from the dropdown menu and then click the "Remove All Customizations" button at the bottom of the screen:

remove all customizations drop down menu and button at the bottom of the staff pay rate screen

Note: Staff pay rates are used to determine how much the staff member is paid when generating their pay stubs/invoices.

Staff Pay Stub/Invoice Defaults

If you would like for staff that is usually paid a flat rate for each service to receive their normal pay when $0 was charged to the client, as well as extra pet rates that are not charged to clients, make sure these options are selected when generating pay stubs for staff members or as your default pay stub settings in Staff Settings - General. You will be given the option to deselect these options when generating a paystub/invoice as well.

screenshot of staff pay stub defaults settings

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