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The Happiness Score in Time To Pet gives pet care companies an easy way to gather feedback from their clients. When enabled, each post-visit report (this is the message triggered after completing a visit) that is sent to a client via email or via the Time To Pet Client App will include a link for the client to submit their feedback. The client can choose a positive reaction, a neutral reaction, or a negative reaction. After choosing their reaction, the client can also leave comments for the pet care company.

Note: This link is not available on post-visit reports that are sent via text message.

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Happiness Score Overview

Happiness score configuaration page within the advanced settings section

You can also run reports based on periods of time and reports based on specific staff members. For example, if a staff member has 10 ratings and all 10 are positive, their Happiness Score will be 100%. If 5 are positive ratings and 5 are negative ratings, their Happiness Score will be 50%. If all 10 ratings are poor, their Happiness Score will be 0%.

Here is an example of a Happiness Score report:

Image of the Happiness Score page showing a Happiness Score report

The Happiness Score can be used in several different ways for your business. It can be used to help keep your finger on the pulse of your customer satisfaction. It can be used to determine which staff members go above and beyond for your clients, or it can also be used to determine which clients may be great candidates to write a review for your business.

Enabling The Happiness Score

Let's now explore how to enable the Happiness Score for your business. You can find the settings section for your Happiness Score in Advanced Settings > Happiness.

Image of Happiness Survey feature in Advanced Settings

From here, you can enable the Happiness Score Surveys. You can also customize the survey question that is asked, as well as the text for a positive, neutral, and negative reaction. By default, the question is set to "How would you rate the service received during your pet's visit?" The reactions are defaulted to "Great", "Ok", and "Not Good".

Time To Pet will also show you a preview of what the feedback form will look like:

Image of Preview of Happiness Survey on client side

Gathering Feedback

After enabling the Happiness Score feature, clients will be able to give feedback on their services. All post-visit reports (this is the message triggered after completing a visit) that are delivered via email and/or in the Client App will have a link for your client to submit their feedback. Happiness Score surveys are not available for messages sent via text message.

Via Email

The post-visit report email will include your survey question and buttons for a positive, neutral, and negative reaction. These buttons are also color-coded, with green meaning positive, gray meaning neutral, and red meaning a negative reaction.

Image of the post visit report email sent to client and option to complete the Happiness Survey

After selecting their reaction, the client will be taken to a new webpage where they can include comments and submit their feedback. Their selection will be automatically checked based on what reaction they clicked in the email, but they can change their reaction choice on this screen as well.

Web browser on phone with happiness survey open

The client will also see a note that lets them know the survey is for feedback only and guides them to send any additional messages through the Client Portal. 

Via The Client App

Clients can also submit feedback directly from their Client App in the Conversation Feed. On messages that are triggered from completing an event (and feedback for that visit has not already been given), clients can tap the "How Did We Do?" button to submit their feedback.

Client app conversation feed with red arrow pointing to how did we do button underneath and to the left of the visit report

They can then select their reaction, provide any additional comments and submit their feedback.

 Client app happiness surgery with wag-tastic selected and note reading great photos thanks penny

Viewing Client Feedback

When a client submits a Happiness Survey, Time To Pet will email the admin team and let them know. All data for the Happiness Score can also be found under the Staff or Users section on the left sidebar under the  Happiness section.

Image of staff email message when client submits a Happiness Survey

An admin can also see the rating in the client's conversation feed attached to the message sent from the staff member.

Client's profile with an arrow pointing to the Client Happiness Score in the Conversation Feed

Note: The Happiness Score Report is only visible to admin and office managers that have the ability to manage staff. Individual Happiness Scores and client comments can optionally be shared with the staff member assigned to that event by clicking the "Share with Staff" button. In order to avoid recency bias, clients do not have access to their historical ratings either. 

Happiness Score Reporting

All data for the Happiness Score can be found under the Staff or Users section on the left sidebar under the Happiness section. By default, Time To Pet will show you the Happiness Score for your entire company. This is the aggregate of all ratings submitted by your clients. You can also filter this data by a date range or by a staff member.

Image of the Happiness Score page showing a Happiness Score report

The Overall Score is determined by the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative reactions submitted. Each positive score adds 100% of the total possible points to the Overall Score. A neutral reaction adds 50% of the possible points. A negative reaction adds 0% of the possible points. An Overall Score of 100% means there are all positive ratings. An Overall Score of 0% means there are all negative ratings.

Deleting A Happiness Score

Every so often, you may get a Happiness Score that seems a little off. Maybe your client clicked the wrong button or had a bad day and wasn't nearly as upset as they seemed. You can remove a Happiness Score by clicking the dropdown next to the score you want to remove.

View of happiness score reports with arrow pointing to option to delete a score

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