Bulk Notification Editor

The Bulk Notification Editor is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to turn on/off any notification for multiple users in your account at once. 

Check out a short video from our Onboarding Team on the Bulk Notification Editor Settings!

Using the Bulk Notification Editor

Users in Time To Pet all have their own set of notification settings. Based on their role and configured permissions, each user will be notified of various actions in Time To Pet. The Bulk Notification Editor allows you to change these settings for all users of a specific role at once.

Bulk Notifications page in Advanced Settings

For example, let's say you no longer want any of your staff to be notified when a client is made inactive. Rather than editing each individual staff member one at a time, we will use the Bulk Notification Editor.

  1. Click on the Bulk Notification Editor tab found in your Advanced Settings.
  2. Change the “Editing For” drop-down to Staff.  

    Bulk notification editor page with arrow pointing to drop down menu text box

  3. Find the “Client Made Inactive ” notification row.

    Bulk notification editor page with arrow pointing to a notification type

  4. Uncheck both the Dashboard, Email, and App notifications. 

    Bulk notification editor page with arrow pointing to checkboxes

  5. Click the “Apply” button to save the changes.

I changed notifications using the Bulk Notification Editor, but when I refresh the page, all options are checked again?

This is perhaps the most misunderstood feature in all of Time To Pet (and we certainly don't blame you either; it's confusing at first, but once you understand it, it makes total sense). 

The Bulk Notification Editor is stateless. It allows you to set in bulk the notification settings for any group (office manager, staff, trainee, etc.), but it is unaware of the current setting of any users. 

That means that if you uncheck all notifications and then reload the page, they will all revert to being shown as checked. You can, however, edit a staff member's profile to see and verify that the unchecked notifications are still turned off.

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