Using Private Messaging

Every client has a Conversation Feed where they can send you messages, and you can send them messages. Any staff member that has scheduled services for this client (or is marked as a preferred sitter) will be able to see these messages and will be notified of any new messages. 

Private Messages are a separate message feed on each client's account, and it is only visible between your admin team and the client. Staff will never see these messages or be notified about them. Private Messages are great for communication that you would prefer your staff members not see (like questions on the staff member's performance, invoice questions, etc.). 

Enable Private Messaging

By default, Private Messaging is disabled. To enable it, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings - Client Settings - Portal Settings.
  2. Set "Private Messaging Enabled" to "Yes".
  3. Click the "Save" button.

View of Client Settings - Portal Settings Private Messaging Enabled Setting

Only Admins will be able to access the Private Message feed. You can, however, give Office Managers access to private messages from the Permissions page. 

Sending a Private Message to a Client

To send a private message, first, navigate to the client's profile:

View of Private tab in Client Conversation Feed

If you have enabled Private Messaging, you will see a new sub-tab labeled "Private". Click this tab to open the Private Messages feed.

From this point on, sending a private message works in the exact same way it does on the normal Conversation Feed; you can type a message and include any number of images and/or attachments. The new message will then be added to the client's Private Message feed.

Deleting a message also works the in the exact same way it does on the normal conversation feed.

Note: Private Messages will never be sent via Text Message. We only support private messages via email and via the App (push notifications.)

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