Understanding Messaging In Time To Pet

Quick and responsive communication with both clients and staff members is a keystone of every successful pet service business. Communication is a fully integrated piece of Time To Pet and something you will likely use frequently. This article is an overview of the different methods of communication possible with Time To Pet. For more in-depth instructions on a particular method, follow the links in each section.


Every client and every staff member has a dedicated conversation feed on which a full history of messages received and sent can be seen. Messages sent via the conversation feed can be delivered via Text Message, Email, or both. They can also be viewed in the Client Portal or Staff Dashboard by the respective recipient.

Using The Staff Conversation Feed

Using The Client Conversation Feed

Private Messages

Private messages are only visible to administrators and the client. Staff will never see or be notified of a client's private messages.

Using Private Messages

Email Campaigns

You can also send group emails to both staff and clients. These are great for company-wide announcements that need to be seen by a large number of people. For example, you might want to send an email blast to all clients announcing a price increase.

Sending Mass Emails To Staff Members

Sending Mass Emails To Clients

Other Pertinent References

Text Messaging is an additional feature that needs to be enabled. For more details, please visit our Text Messaging Help Articles.

The Message Center is a central location to view and interact with all Conversations and all Email Campaigns in your entire company. Visit your Message Center.

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