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In each client's profile, in the "Details" tab, there is a section where you can assign specific staff members as Preferred Staff for a client, set certain staff members that should not be scheduled for that client as Do Not Schedule, and see a list of staff who have visited that client in the past in the Scheduled In Past section.

Preferred Staff, Scheduled In Past and Do Not Schedule

Preferred Staff will be assigned to client requests in order as assigned until one of the Preferred Staff is available. Staff added to the Do Not Schedule list will be clearly marked as 'Do Not Schedule', and a warning sign will be shown if they are selected for a client's events.

View of Details Tab - Preferred, Do Not Schedule, Past Staff

For example: James is the first Preferred Staff, Christina is the second Preferred Staff, and Stephanie is the third Preferred Staff, if James has Time Off and this client has a request that James is not available for, then the second Preferred Staff, Christina, will be populated in the "Assign Staff" field for this client in their Service Request. All Preferred Staff will be clearly marked with their order as well when making any changes to a client's events.

The Scheduled In Past section is a list of all staff members who have been assigned to this client in the past. If this list exceeds three staff members, click the "+ Show more..." button to display the full list. The date indicates the last visit this staff member was assigned to this client, and the number in parenthesis is how many times they have been assigned to that client in the past. By default, only active staff members are included in this list. To see inactive staff members who have been assigned to this client in the past, click the "Inactive" button. 

Scheduled In Past Section

Note: The date listed next to a Scheduled In Past staff member is the last scheduled date in the past they were assigned to that client based on the day the Admin is scheduling on. For example, if an Admin is approving a request on September 1st for client John Doe for services happening on December 1st, Time To Pet will display the date a staff member has been scheduled for John Doe up until September 1st. If a staff member is scheduled for John Doe anytime between September 2nd and December 1st, this would not be indicated. Only scheduled events prior to the exact date the Admin is scheduling are taken into account and displayed. 

When approving requests or scheduling for a client, the Preferred Staff in order "(1st)", "(2nd)", "Scheduled In Past Staff", other available staff who are not Preferred staff and Do Not Schedule staff, and Do Not Schedule staff will appear in the Select Staff dropdown options in that order. For any "Select Staff/User" dropdown available during scheduling, the date shown for "Scheduled In Past" is the month, day, and year that a staff member was last scheduled for that client. If no year is listed, the staff member was scheduled in the current year the Admin is scheduling in. If your company uses Time Off or Time Available and a staff member is not marked as available or has time off scheduled, this will be indicated in the dropdown as "(Is Off)".

Sample Select Staff Dropdown

Client Subscriptions For Preferred Staff

You can view which Staff members are Preferred Staff and on a client's Do Not Schedule, in each Staff's "details" of their profile, in the "Client Subscriptions" tab.

Screenshot of client subscriptions tab on staff member profile

Clients that have a "Bell" at the end of their name indicate that the selected Staff are Preferred Staff.

Image of blue bell and

Clients that have a "Red Flag" at the end of their name indicate that the selected Staff are added to the Do Not Schedule.

Image of red flag and

For information on managing staff member access to clients, please refer to our article on Managing Client-Specific Staff Access.

Reporting For Preferred Staff

In your Reporting > Staff & Clients, you can run reports for clients who have Preferred Staff set as their primary, secondary, or tertiary in their account. Learn more about Staff Reports in our Staff Reporting help article.

Reporting - Preferred Staff

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