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In this article, we'll be covering how to enable the ability for clients to purchase gift cards to use for their future services. This feature is currently limited to the client portal (mobile app integration coming soon.) Because clients are able to purchase a gift card on their end, this feature is available for customers who have integrated with one of our payment processors. 

Gift Cards can be purchased in $20, $50, $100, and custom amounts from the client's portal. When a client purchases a gift card, it will create an Open Payment on their account which can be applied to a future invoice. Open Payments are different than Credits in Time To Pet, Credits should be used only if the client has not paid you any money. For example, a Credit can be used to reward a referral for your client who has recommended a friend or neighbor to use your services. In the referral credit example, no money has been received, but a value (a Credit) has been placed on your client's profile. Open Payments should be used only for any transaction where money has been paid to you. To learn more about credits and open payments you can view our help article on Understanding Open Payments and Credits In Time To Pet

It is possible to show Open Payments and Credits to clients. Visit this help article for Showing Credits And Open Payments In Client Portal.

Enabling The Gift Card Feature

The settings for Gift Cards can be found in Client Settings - Portal Settings

To enable "Gift Cards Enabled" switch the box to "Yes". 

A new option will be available to enter a custom Gift Card Message that will be displayed to the client in their portal when they are purchasing a gift card. 

The style of the gift card will follow your settings in Company Settings - Theme Settings.

Specifically, the following values will be used:
Logos -> Company Logo will be used for the Gift Card logo.
Client Portal Colors -> Header Background will be the background color of the Gift Card.
Client Portal Colors -> Header Text will be the color of the text on the Gift Card. 

Gift Cards - Enabling Gift Cards


You can adjust your notification settings for Gift Cards purchases under your profile, click View Settings under your name and click the Notifications tab. Dashboard and Email notifications are available to be enabled. Gift Card purchases use the same notification setting of "Client Submits Payment" and the email and dashboard notifications will clarify that the payment submitted was for a Gift Card. 

Gift Card Tags

Once a client has purchased a gift card, we will mark the payment with a "Gift Card" tag wherever possible inside of your dashboard.

Gift Cards - Gift Card Tags

Client's View

When Gift Cards have been enabled, and a client is logged in to their portal, they will see a purple "Buy Gift Card" button where they can purchase a gift card. They will also see an Available Payments tab if you have enabled this, where they can see their Open Payments and Credits. 

Gift Cards - Client's View of Gift CardsOnce the client clicks on "Buy Gift Card", they will see a screen where they can select the amount, and then proceed to enter their payment details to complete the purchase:

Gift Cards - Buy Gift Cards screen

Gift Card Reporting

If you would like to generate a report just for Gift Cards, there is one available in Reporting - Financial -> Payments tab, under the Gift Card section on the left-hand side:

Gift Cards - Gift Card Reporting

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