Daily Summary

The Daily Summary is a powerful tool to quickly view, on a day-by-day basis, the progress of all events scheduled that day. 

Daily Summary Example

The Daily Summary can be accessed under the Scheduler category from the Dashboard: 

Daily Summary under Scheduler

First, select a date from the calendar filter. Next, choose "No Grouping", "Group By Staff" or "Group By Block" from the drop-down menu. Group By Staff displays the staff members in alphabetical order as well as their scheduled events for that day. Group By Block displays your company's Schedule Blocks and all of the events scheduled during those Schedule Blocks. There is also an option to "Show Missing Keys" for staff who do or do not have a key for events they are scheduled for that day. Also included are "1st" and "Last" which means this event was the first event on that invoice or the last event on that invoice. 

Group By Staff:

Daily Summary - Group By Staff

When using Group By Staff, the Calendar icon is "live" and automatically loads the Map Staff Schedule for that staff member: 

Group By Staff - Link To Map Staff

Group By Block:

Daily Summary - Group By Block

The Daily Summary has a date category for events listing the day and time the event is scheduled for and the key status for that event. It also shows the staff member's name, the scheduled service, the client's name, the status of the event (Scheduled, In Progress, Completed, or Cancelled), and if a message was sent to the client when the event was completed. 

Events that show "Started" are clickable, click on "Started" to see that event's data. 

Lastly, if there is a location icon located under the Visit Duration category, it's clickable and will show the event's details such as GPS tracking, the message added, and visit report card fields completed.

Note: The details shown here depend on your company's GPS Route Tracking and Visit Report Card settings. Time and GPS tracking details can also be seen in other areas of your account:  Viewing Time Tracking And GPS Data

Daily Summary - Visit Duration Details

Sample Event Details: 

Sample Event Details

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