Client Time Displays And Invoice Descriptions

By default, the exact time an event is scheduled for will be shown to the client in their Client Portal and App. However, you can hide the exact time from clients and show them an arrival window or time of day instead, giving you more flexibility and control over your schedule. 

Hiding Exact Times And Enabling The Client Time Display

When the option to "Hide Exact Times From Clients" is enabled in Settings > Client Settings > Schedule Blocks, the exact time will be hidden from the client, and a new field becomes available in the Edit Event screen that allows you to add a custom Client Time Display. 

schedule blocks screen with red box around hide exact times from client setting

The Client Time Display is the time shown to the client instead of the actual time the event is scheduled for. In the example below, the event is scheduled for 12:30pm to 1:00pm, but the Client Time Display that is shown to the client is "Midday Between 11am - 2pm":

edit event screen with red box around client time display field

Invoice Descriptions And What Clients See

The Client Time Display automatically populates the "DESCRIPTION" column of the invoice for that event:

edit invoice screen with arrow pointed at line item description column

And it is shown to the client in lieu of the actual event time in the client portal and app:

client portal with red line under client time display

Creating Automatic Client Time Displays

The Client Time Display in the Edit Event screen will be blank by default, but you can create Automatic Client Time Displays in Settings > Client Settings > Schedule Blocks that will automatically populate the field based on the time the event is scheduled for.

For example, below is an example of a company's Automatic Client Time Displays. For this company, an event scheduled at 6:00pm would trigger the Client Time Display field (and the Description on the invoice) to automatically populate to say "Night Between 5pm - 8pm":

schedule blocks screen with arrow pointed to automatic client time diisplay

Note: Automatic Client Time Displays will only populate on events that an account admin or office manager schedules. If events are scheduled via a client request, the Client Time Display will populate with the name of the Schedule Block instead.

When enabling "hide exact times" and creating custom client time displays, only newly scheduled events will include the new time displays. Template services and pre-existing events that were manually scheduled must be manually updated to include a client time display. However, events that clients requested will automatically include the name of the Schedule Block they were requested in, even if they were scheduled before hiding exact times.

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