Best Practices For Scheduling Overnights And Boarding

In Time To Pet, clients are invoiced based on the number of services they have scheduled and not the length of the service. This is usually easy to understand when scheduling dog walking and pet sitting visits - if you have a client who will be gone for six days and needs a their pet visited once a day, you schedule six separate visits, one for each day. But when it comes to scheduling Overnights or Boarding, some pet sitters expect to be able to schedule just one service, starting on the first day and ending on the last day, and have the client automatically invoiced based on the number of days the service lasts. However, scheduling this way will result in the client only being charged for one Overnight or Boarding service.

In order to have the client invoiced correctly, you need to schedule one service per day for each day you’ll be caring for the pet.

If you need to schedule multiple days of Overnights or Boarding, you can use the Schedule A Trip feature to schedule the entire trip at once instead of manually adding each day’s service individually.

If you provide Boarding or 24 hour Overnights, you may find that having services scheduled for 24 hours takes up too much space on the Scheduler calendar and makes it difficult to view your daytime pet sitting and dog walking visits. To keep the Scheduler less cluttered, some companies choose to put their Boarding and Overnights on the Scheduler only during the hours when they’re not doing other visits even though they’ll be caring for the pets for the full day (like from 9pm to 6am).

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