Locating Notification Settings On Staff Profiles

In this article, we'll show how to navigate to an Admin, Office Manager, Staff, or Trainee's profile to update their individual notification settings.

You can use the Bulk Notification Editor to update notification settings for roles in Bulk.

Staff Member -> View Settings -> Notifications Tab

Depending on the level of the staff role, different notification options that are applicable to that level of staff role will be displayed.

First, navigate to the Main Staff List:

View of Main Staff List button from main menu

Then, click on the name of the staff member or user who you would like to edit notifications for:

View of staff list with staff name and

Note: If you'd like to be taken to the notification settings right away, you can click the "Edit Settings Link" shown to the far right of each listed staff member or user

Click Edit Settings just below their staff name at the top of their profile:

View of staff profile -> Edit Settings link

Click on the Notifications tab:

View of staff profile -> Notifications tab

Navigate to the setting you would like to adjust:

View of Admin notifications on staff profile

Uncheck the box to turn off the notification:

A checked box means the notification is on, and an unchecked box means the notification is off.

View of checked or unchecked individual notification settings

To turn on all Dashboard or Email notifications, click the "All" button. To turn off all Dashboard or Email notifications, click "None". Notification settings will auto-save on this page:

View of All/None options on staff profile

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