Company Settings

The  Company Settings page allows you to configure various details about your company that affect information displayed to your customers and staff. The following is a list of all of the available settings with a description of each.

Primary Contact Details

Company Name 

The name of your company. This is visible to your clients and staff  throughout Time To Pet

Client Portal Tag

Allows you to specify a custom ‘tag’ that will be appended to ‘’. Without this custom tag your clients would still be able to login to the portal, but your logo and theming would not be displayed until after they login.

If left blank send clients to ‘’, if set send your clients to ‘’.

Company Email

Visible to all of your clients and staff. All email originating from Time To Pet to your clients and staff will have the  From and ReplyTo addresses set to this value.

Company Website

Your company website’s URL. Visible to all clients and staff.

Primary Phone

Your company’s primary phone number. Visible to all clients and staff.

Secondary Phone

Alternate phone number for your company. Visible to all clients and staff.


Your company’s main place of business. This address will be available to your clients in various places throughout Time To Pet including on the Client Portal, Invoices and as part of your email signature.



The currency that you run your business in. Changing this setting will affect the currency symbol used throughout Time To Pet.

Tax Rate(s)

Any tax rates that you are currently serving. A tax rate must be defined here before it can be used on any invoice. Once a tax rate is defined here you can set it as the default tax rate for clients (Client Profile -> Details tab).

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” after adding your tax rates here.

Zip Codes Served

A list of zip/postal codes that you serve. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” after adding the areas you serve. This can also be thought of as “Locations Served”. The values entered here are free-form. So for example you could enter 78705 or ‘Downtown Austin’.

Custom Key Locations 

Specify custom key locations that can be used when adding/updating keys for your clients. By default Time To Pet comes with “With Client”, “At Office”, and any of your staff members.

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” after adding your custom key locations.



Your companies logo. This will be displayed on invoices, the staff dashboard and client portal.

Staff Support Requests

By default when a staff member sends a support request through the Time To Pet dashboard it will come to us. If you would instead like it to be sent directly to you, change this to “ Send To Us“.


Specify whether your use Contractors or Employees. This will change terminology throughout the staff dashboard. For example “Staff” will be renamed “Users” and “Pay Stubs” will be renamed “Invoices”. Changing this is completely reversible and can be changed at anytime.

Client Naming Convention

How a client’s name will be displayed throughout Time To Pet. Options are “John Doe”, “John Doe (Fido, Rocky)” or “Fido, Rocky (John Doe)”.

Staff Receive Notifications For

Scheduled Clients And Clients They Are Preferred Sitters For – This is the default option. Staff will receive notifications for any client they have ever been scheduled for and all clients they are either Primary, Secondary or Tertiary preferred sitter for.

Clients They Are Preferred Sitters For – Staff will only receive notifications about clients who they are either Primary, Secondary or Tertiary preferred sitter for.

Staff Pay Stub Defaults

Set defaults on various options for your staff pay stubs.

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