Scheduling Repeat Services Using Templates

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What are Templates?

Imagine you have a client that has the same services scheduled week after week after week. A walk at 12:30 PM every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Scheduling this client manually every week would be tedious and time-consuming.

With a Template, you can set up these services once and have them automatically (or with the click of an approve button) added to your schedule every week, have invoices automatically generated, and you never have to wonder, “Did I forget to schedule John Doe’s walks this week?”

Creating A Template

  1. Access your Scheduler by logging into your Dashboard and clicking the Scheduler link in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the tab labeled “Templates”.
  3. Click the “Add New Template” button.
  4. Fill out the form and click the “Save Template Details” button.

Templates are highly customizable and thus this form has many different options. We will walk you through them all below the image.

template settings screen

Name: A name for this template for easy reference later.

Client: Who is this template for?

Billing Frequency: This is where you can establish how frequently your template is approved and invoiced. Before selecting the "Billing Frequency" field, it is helpful to ask yourself, "How often do I want to generate a new invoice for this template?". Templates can repeat on the following frequencies:

  • Weekly - Approves and invoices a week at a time for events scheduled from Sunday to Saturday
  • Multi-Week - A Multi-Week template is also Sunday – Saturday, but it can span multiple weeks. For example, you could have a Multi-Week template that spans 3 weeks and is thus approved and invoiced every 3 weeks.
  • Semi-Monthly - Semi-Monthly is two approvals and invoices per month for visits between the 1st and 15th of the month and between the 16th and the end of the month.
  • Monthly - Monthly templates approve and invoice one month at a time for events scheduled between the 1st and last day of the month.

How Often: How often does this template repeat. This option is only available for Weekly and Monthly templates. For example, you could create a Weekly template that repeats every four weeks. That means only once every four weeks will the services in this template be added to your calendar. This is helpful if your client is a pilot and only works one week on then has three weeks off.

Weeks Per Period: Only available for Multi-Weekly templates. Specifies how many weeks this template spans.

First Occurrence:  The first time period this Template should approve into. Templates require a full period. For example, if it is February 16th, the first time a Monthly template will be available is for the March 1 – March 31 period. This means if this client is going to need services before the template starts on March 1, you will need to manually add those events to the schedule separate from the template.

Approval Method: Whether you wish to manually approve this template each period, or have it automatically approved (more information on Approving Templates available below).

Approval Date:  How many days before the Template’s first day should the Template automatically be approved (or for manually approved templates, how many days in advance to warn you). Defaults to 3 days before and can not be more than 180 days.

Invoice Date: All Invoices generated by this Template will follow the date rules configured in your Invoice Settings. You can override this on a Template by Template basis by changing this setting.

Invoice Due Date: All Invoices generated by this Template will follow the due date rules configured in your Invoice Settings. You can override this on a Template by Template basis by changing this setting.

Projections: We will automatically block off time on your calendar for events that have not yet been approved and added to the schedule, but are part of the template so you know not to schedule other services at this time. This setting configures how many weeks (or months for Monthly templates) into the future to block off the time on your calendar. This option can be completely disabled.

Description: A brief description of the template.

Adding Services To Template

Once a template has been created, we need to add services to this template.

  1. Click the “Add Service To Template” button.
  2. A service form will appear where you can select the details of this service including the Staff, Service, Time, Client Pets, and which days this service is part of.
    Adding Service to Template
  3. When finished click the “Save Changes” button.
  4. You will now see the services listed for the Template.
    Template Service List

Approving Templates

Templates that are set to automatically approve will be approved without any action required on your part. You can override the automatic approval at any time by clicking the “Cancel Auto Approval” button. Doing so makes this instance of the template work the same as a manually approved template. You will now need to manually approve or deny the template.

template history screen with cancel auto approval button

Templates are automatically approved the specified number of days before the first day of the period. This is set to 3 days by default, but you can customize this in the template settings.
Approval Details for Auto Approving Template

Templates that need manual approval will not show up on your schedule until you manually approve them. You can approve them manually at any time; however, when approval is due soon we will indicate that a manual approval is required.

Template Requires Approval Soon.

When a template that needs manual approval is Past Due, we will show you the template is Past Due.

Pausing A Template

While it's not possible to pause a template, you can change the template to manual approval in its template settings to prevent the template from auto-approving during the time it needs to be paused. This will stop the auto-approval. When the client is ready to resume service, you can reject any template periods that weren't needed, and then turn auto-approval back on. 

Template - Template Settings - Manual Approval Method

Alternatively, if you have a specific period of time that a template needs to be paused, you can delete events from that time period from the template calendar and that will remove them from any future template approvals.

template history screen with arrow pointed to calendar button

Once in the calendar, just click on each event you want to delete and click the "Delete Event" button. 

template calendar screen with event options open and arrow pointed to delete event button

If you need to add an event back to the template that was previously deleted, you can navigate to the Deleted Events tab of the template calendar and click the "Undo Delete" button next to the events you want to add back.

Keep in mind, that you will not be able to delete events from the template calendar that have already been approved. You will have to manually cancel or delete those events from the main scheduler by editing the event. If you have multiple events to delete or cancel, use our Bulk Edit tool to save time!

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