Marking A Staff Member As Inactive

When a staff member is no longer working for your company, you may need to remove their access to Time To Pet. Marking a staff member as Inactive is very simple in Time To Pet. You can do this by navigating to the staff member's profile page, clicking the blue Quick Actions button, and selecting "Make Inactive":

Staff profile with an arrow pointing to the Make Inactive option on the blue Quick Actions menu

Time To Pet will then ask you who you would like to re-assign this staff member's scheduled events, templates, and preferred sitter settings. This is a tool we built to prevent any missed events. For example, if this staff member had a scheduled event next week, it will be automatically re-assigned to the staff member you select. If you are not sure who to re-assign these events to, you can re-assign them to an admin.

Note: Re-assigning past visits can negatively affect your reporting and auditing if these events are not marked as "Completed" first. 

Pop up window that appears after selecting Mark Inactive from the Quick Actions menu to reassign scheduled events

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