Adding A Staff Member

If your pet care company has staff members, we've made the process of adding staff and activating their accounts simple. This help article will walk you through the steps of adding a new staff member to your account. To add a new staff, first select the "Staff" tab on the sidebar and select "Add New Staff":

Next, you can enter some basic information about this staff. This includes their name, email address, phone numbers, and their role. Staff can have one of four roles. These include admin (where they can do anything in Time To Pet), office manager (where they have slightly reduced control), staff (primarily used for someone who will be completing visits), and trainee (someone who is brand new to your system and has limited access). You can see a full list of role permissions in our  User Permissions help article:

After adding a staff member, Time To Pet will automatically send them their staff activation email with instructions on how to complete their account. We've also created a short video showing you how to create a new staff member:

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